Body in Numbers – On the Discovery Health Channel

Annotated Human Figure 348x612 I am fascinated by the human body; just how everything works!  I think our bodies are an amazing thing.  I am most intrigued by the brain. Tonight on the Discovery Health channel they are airing the first segment of Body in Numbers, which premieres at 9:00 p.m. EST.


From the moment we are born, each one of us goes through a series of extraordinary transformations as our bodies change. But have you ever thought about what our bodies really do every second, every moment, to keep us alive? How the body copes as we develop from a fertilized embryo to a newborn; how we change so fast in the first few years of our lives; how eating, drinking, playing sports and having sex change our physiology; and how different we are as men and women?

Based on amazing facts and calculations, the series explores the body's facts in numbers, according to the website.  This will be great for people who love statistics and/or who grasp a firmer understanding of things when they have numbers to back it up.  This will also be a great show for children, especially teenagers.

Body in Numbers will air the whole month of September, starting with the Miracle of Life airing September 3, 2008 at 9:00 pm., and ending September 24, 2008 with Our Life in Numbers.  Between these two episodes they will air Body in Numbers Childhood and Becoming Men and Women.

You can go to and get an email reminder of each episode, so you won't miss them.  Check out the quiz as well; I scored 6/8 on it.  After you take the quiz, do the jigsaw puzzles.  If you watch the Body in Numbers series, let us know what you think of it.  Hope to hear from you!