The Best Places to Shop with Bitcoin

So, you have some bitcoin in your hot little digital pocket, and you want to go shopping. Where are the best places to shop with bitcoin?

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Well, as it turns out, quite a few places accept bitcoin now. Here we have picked out some of our favorite bitcoin-friendly shopping places.

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The Best Places to Shop with Bitcoin

Overstock will take your bitcoin, and you can even get a good deal as you shop. One of the first major retailers to accept bitcoin, it has been doing so since January 2014. Overstock offers a wide variety of items to purchase, including fashion, electronics, and products for your home.

Checking out with bitcoin couldn’t be easier, just select the cryptocurrency of your choice. Everything will be converted on the fly to bitcoin, making it easy to track and use your preference.


Did someone say gadget shopping? Newegg will take your bitcoin, and give you back some shiny new toys in the process. Just note that some merchants that sell through the Newegg website may not accept cryptocurrency. But as long as you stick with Newegg itself, you can buy happiness (or a new gadget, however you want to phrase it.)


The 75,000 plus merchants on Shopify have the option to accept bitcoin. Shopify has been accepting cryptocurrency since November 2013, so it is one of the more established retailer platforms supporting it.

The shopping experience is similar to Etsy or eBay, so there is no telling what kind of treasures you may discover.

If you like searching for a good deal using those sites and you have a little bitcoin burning a hole in your digital pocket, don’t hesitate to check out Shopify.


A girl can’t live on shopping alone (although I am willing to try.)  When shopping has zapped your strength, and you need some fuel to get back at it, go grab a nice slice or two at PizzaForCoins.

PizzaForCoins acts like your cryptocurrency middleman. They take your bitcoin and then hand off the order to a local pizza joint. No waiting is involved, so you can eat now and shop more very soon. It’s like eating your bitcoin, only tastier.


Of course, you don’t want to be greedy when doing this bitcoin shopping spree. So make a visit out to eGifter and use your digital money to buy some gift cards for those you love, admire, and/or just want to buy off.

eGifter is also a convenient way to use bitcoin at places that currently don’t accept it. You’ll find many different gift cards available here for purchase, everything from Home Depot to Amazon.

On second thought, maybe a gift card would work best as a personal gift to yourself. You have to treat yourself sometimes, you know.


Maybe you want to forgo all the shopping and take a trip instead. Expedia allows you to pay for hotel bookings using bitcoins, and they have since June 2014.

So, let’s spend some bitcoin and hit the cryptocurrency beach, as Mark Dukas Charlotte might say. Don’t worry, there will be shopping places there too when you get tired of soaking up the sun.

Many other places accept bitcoin as a form of payment, but these are just a few of my favorite best places to shop with bitcoin. Cryptocurrency traders like Mark Dukas have known about the flexibility of bitcoin for a while now.

For me, as long as I can shop, eat, and travel, well, let’s just say I will be happy to accept any bitcoin you see fit to give me. I am just agreeable like that, I guess.

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