Best Budget Massage Gun: Opove M3 Pro Review

I received the Opove M3 Pro for review purposes. All opinions whether I think it’s the best budget massage gun are 100% my own.

best budget massage gun

Do you miss going to get professional massages? Or, is paying for a professional massage just out of the question right now?

If you were used to getting regular massages before the pandemic hit but don’t feel safe now, a massage gun is just what you need. Or if the high prices of a massage don’t appeal to you, a massage gun is your answer.

For me personally, I walk a LOT. Like, 10-15 miles every day, and my legs, especially my calves, get so tight. Even though I stretch, at the end of the day my calves still ache.

I’m loving how the Opove M3 Pro massage gun is helping my sore muscles and relaxing me after a long workout. I’m loving even more how cost-efficient the Opove M3 Pro is. If you know me, you know how I like saving money. Right now you can get 24% off the massage gun at Opove.

Why the Opove M3 Pro is the…

Best Budget Massage Gun

best budget massage gun

Great Reviews

I always read the reviews of the products I’m interested in. After doing some research I found the Opove M3 Pro to be the best-selling massage gun on Amazon, with over 9,000 reviews and 90% gave five-star comments.

For Pro-Athletes to Aches & Pain Sufferers

It has strong power, making it good for both fitness enthusiasts and people who suffer from back pain or other aches and pains.


I don’t know about you, but it is important to me that a massage gun be quiet. The whole point of a massage is to relax and if the massage gun is loud, it would be counterintuitive. The Opove is quiet even at high-speed mode with 3300 rpm.

Easy to Use

Opove M3 Pro

Lightweight and well packaged with five heads for your whole body massage. It comes with a guide to help you know where to use the massage gun to get the most out of your massage.

From Deep Tissue to Light Massage

Manual & auto mode meets your different massage requirements. Whether you want a light massage or a deep tissue massage you can achieve it with the Opove.


at home massage

You can use the Opove M3 Pro in the privacy of your own home. The convenience of giving yourself a massage at home anytime you want is a huge plus for me.


Think of all the money you can save by not having to physically leave your home and pay for a massage. In fact, 1-2 visits will more than pay for your Opove and you’ll have it forever. This definitely makes the Opove the best budget massage gun.

Long Battery Life

Opove M3 Max Pro

You get three hours of use per battery charge. Considering you only use it for approximately 15 seconds per muscle (or muscle group), 3 hours is a long time.

All these reasons at an affordable price make the Opove M3 Pro the best budget massage gun on the market. It comes with four attachments all in a nice carrying case to keep everything together.

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