Be Your Fun, Crazy Self

Always be true to yourself.

Don’t ever let others dictate who and how you should be.

This is advice I’ve learned to take myself recently. And, the advice I hope you will take yourself.

Be Your Fun, Crazy Self

be yourself

Sometimes You Just Gotta Let Your Hair Down

Everybody needs a break. You can’t be serious all of the time! Ever wonder what a rocket scientist or a brain surgeon does in his spare time to “let it all hang out”?

I suppose these intellectual types have inklings and urgings to do crazy things just like the rest of us, but perhaps they only do it behind closed doors.

Can’t you just imagine a nuclear scientist studiously practicing the Chicken Dance or the Macarena in his bedroom with the music down low, blinds drawn, and door dead-bolted (and then “repenting” later with a voracious dive into the subject of the Theory of Relativity or Quantum Physics)? 

While the rest of humanity is religiously watching David Letterman or Jay Leno, these guys gotta be renting old Mr. Bean episodes at least, don’t they?

Everybody’s Humor is a Little Different

Everybody has a different sense of humor, and just like love, that’s what makes the world go round! I mean, when you observe some of the unique couples these days, you just have to ask yourself, “Okay, was that for love, money, or just humor?

Whatever type of humor suits you, whether it’s as wry as bread or as slapstick as the 3 Stooges, we all need the escape of this type of bedazzlement.

Being Yourself, Keeping it Real

And that’s where being yourself comes in.  The best kind of humor springs effortlessly from being who you are, only most of the time, you are inhibiting this by guarding your behavior to keep up appearances. One of the best ways to share who you are is by the expression of a photograph.

That’s keeping it real, and it’s even more real when you are candid. You become more lovable, more huggable, and more endearing when you peel back the layers of who you are and reveal what’s inside.

Never fear, you mustn’t be forced or pushed to do so, and you don’t have to share with everybody, but take the time to take a photo of yourself in a candid moment and just send it to someone you care about and who cares about you!

Here’s the opportunity for you to do it right now, even with no makeup first thing in the morning. Go ahead, snap a pic of your bedhead…

Snap a pic and send an email to your significant other.  Or let your kids be your stand-in if you’re a little too uncomfortable (bock, boooooooooock), and send their keepsake pics to Grandma and Grandpa. 

It doesn’t mean you’re always that way.  But take a moment to be proud of yourself and accept yourself enough to feel comfortable in your own skin (hair).

The Making of Moments

Life is a series of moments. It’s the time we take to do something fun and a little daring that stands out in our loved ones’ memories.

It’s when we did something a little bit funny or offbeat. It’s not regretting not having done something, rather than regretting having done something wrong. And if that can be saved and cherished, all the better. So go for it, be candid, make memories, be humorous – by being your own lovable self!


  1. Man, do I have bed head right now…too funny.

    1. @19177c4ed3f57023e468d42b9e933f1a:disqus – With my dry hair and this humidity, I look like I always have bed head, too. lol

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