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I have a confession to make… I love all things celebrity. I secretly (well not so secret, now) love watching shows like The Voice, American Idol, and X-Factor, to name a few.

I think my attraction to these kind of shows is that I love seeing the “average” person get a break and make it big. I love hearing about someone being discovered on YouTube, for example.

Recently I came across the website Celebstir. It’s a website that gives people the opportunity to showcase their talents… to promote themselves. A place where you can become a “celebrity”. You can actually chat with your favorite celebrity in one-on-one web camera meetings. Now that’s pretty cool!

The “Stir” part of Celebstir is like a “+1” or a “like”. So the more “stirs” a member generates the better. So fans have the ability to help someone obtain stardom.

You can find actors, musicians, athletes, and more. I really like that you can look for celebrities by zip code. So who knows, you may find a soon to be star right in your neighborhood.

By the way, it’s free. So if you want to discover and help someone become a celebrity, or if you have a talent to showcase… I recommend checking out


  1. I like the idea of this site:)

  2. well if it’s free I guess it’s worth checking out

  3. That’s cool as h***.

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