airbrush makeup

Airbrush makeup creates a smooth, flawless piece of art. It’s also one of the best ways to hide imperfections. In recent years, airbrush makeup has really become popular because it combines both the perfect cover-up solution and beautiful makeup. However there are many aspects to an airbrush kit, and itRead More →

how to grow your eyelashes fast at home

Eyelashes tend to bring a certain degree of drama on a person’s eyes. This is primarily the reason why women have more concern over growing eyelashes. Those who are not gifted with long lashes may even choose to use false eyelashes instead for an instant lash improvement. It is saidRead More →

LookLikeaMillionBucksGP Jewelry should be a reflection of you

Image Source In our modern society, EVERYTHING is influenced by your physical appearance. Your relationships, your happiness – even your job – are all influenced, in a big way, by your looks. While this is not very fair, it is the truth. If you doubt whether or not your looksRead More →