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America’s Got Talent…Holly Stone

By: Donna Chaffins | Date: July 29, 2008 | Categories: Entertainment, TV

On the Today Show this morning Holly Stone was promoting her appearance tonight on America's Got Talent tonight on NBC.   I will predict that they send her on to Las Vegas. 

The reason I took note of Holly is because for one, she is my age and I love stories where women can make a name for themselves and not be a teenager or in their early twenties.  The other thing of interest is that when Holly was young she got pregnant and gave her baby up for adoption and through Myspace – she found her daughter. 

You can check out Stone's Myspace page and send her well wishes.  Watch her tonight, July 29, 2008 on NBC at 9 p.m. on America's Got Talent.

5 Responses to America’s Got Talent…Holly Stone

  1. Stacy says:

    I know Holly personally and she is indeed a wonderful singer and very much deserving of this!!

  2. Joe Gibson says:

    I’ve just seen Holly’s performance on Americas got Talent and I thought it was wonderful, what a wonderful voice. Will follow your progress hope you do really well and win the contest,
    Best wishes,

  3. Jeff says:

    Holly was amazing on AGT. I go back periodically to see the video.
    Talented, and strong stage presence. Where is she now, is she onstage
    or making music anywhere else? Please let me know.

    Thanks, Jeff (Canada)

  4. J says:

    Hi Jeff,
    Sadly Holly passed away shortly after her time on got talent. My dad actually was friends with her because she was a regular at a pub that he worked for.

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