American Idol Season 8 Result Week 2 -Spoiler Alert

idol-logo1a The Country week ended tonight with over 31 million votes.  With country singer Brad Paisley performing along with Randy Travis and Carrie Underwood singing a duet.

I’m not going to rehash the whole show… so let’s get down to business.  The bottom three are:

  1. Allison – I’m surprised she is in the bottom three.  Just not enough people calling in voting for her.  She really has a lot of talent.
  2. Michael – My pick of the three to go home.
  3. Alexis – she’s my top 5 favorite so I’m very disappointed she’s in the bottom 3, but if you read my previous post you’ll see I’m not surprised.

As a side note:  Carrie Underwood is a phenomenal singer, but… what did she have on her hair?  On her dress?  And did she cut her hair or was that a wig?

Okay, back to the final three.  Ryan Seacrest sends Allison back first – good news.  Simon, Paula, Randy and Kara say that one of the two would be considered saving.  Ryan then says that Michael is safe and the judges tell Alexa she is the one they’d consider saving.  She is then told she will be judged on her parting performance.

Sadly, Alexa cracks under the pressure and does not give her best performance.  And the third contestant to leave American Idol is Alexis Grace.  Dang it, I had a feeling she’d go but was hoping I was wrong.

Next week, American Idol will be on Wednesday and Thursday night.  So join me then as I make my next prediction.