American Idol Result Show – and then there were 7

idol-logo1a Tonight’s Season 8 American Idol result show started off with music from the year Simon was born, 1959.  They play a black and white video of Frankie Avalon singing Venus.  And then out walks Frankie and it appears that Simon is genuinely surprised.  Then the group sing a song was from the year American Idol was born 2002…

Okay it is short and sweet tonight.   I didn’t get to watch the show live… had to DVR it.  

Adam, Kris and Anoop stood up first and Adam is the first one safe, and Anoop is the first to be in the bottom three.

Musical guest Flow Rida performed the hit Right Round which I think borrowed from Dead or Alive’s You Spin Me Right Round.

Now, Ryan asks Danny to stand and tells him he is safe.  Next up is Matt and he is safe as well.  And now it’s Scott’s turn – Scott is in the bottom three.  And finally Ryan asks Allison and Lil to stand up and it is Lil to finish out the three. 

I predicted Scott and Lil in the bottom three so two out of three ain’t bad.

Kelly Pickler performed and she is such a pretty young woman… but I personally don’t care for her vocally.  She is a little dynamo though… just a good ole country girl.

Time to send one back to safety – Lil Rounds is safe.  And the look on Anoop’s face tells it all.  He is so dreading the results.  But he didn’t need to worry…

With 34 million total votes and only 30,000 votes separating  the two… Scott MacIntyre is going home.  The audience gives Scott a standing Ovation.  Then Scott sings, sans guitar, to convince the judges to save him.  Honestly, he sang better tonight then he did last time.  Not great… but better than last night.  I think the guitar actually hindered his singing.

I really thought they were going to save him for a minute.  What a great guy Scott is – just not an American Idol.  So I was right in my prediction… were you?

Tune in next week on Fox and watch the final 7 contestants:  Adam Lambert, Danny Gokey, Allison Iraheta, Kris Allen, Matt Giraud, Lil Round and Anoop Desai.