American Idol Result Show – and then there were 6… or make that 7

idol-logo1a The season 8 American Idol result show started off with a clip of the seven contestants going to the premiere of 17 Again starring Zac Efron after the show last night.

Time for the  bottom three announcement – up first is  Allison and she is safe (she should have been).  Next up is Adam Lambert and he asks Adam how he thought of his performance being compared to the Rocky Horror Picture Show by Simon… and he says, "it’s a great movie".  He asks Simon did he mean it as an insult, and Simon says, "no."  Up next is Anoop and he is in the bottom three.

I don’t think Anoop should necessarily be in the bottom three, however, I would rather it be him than Allison or Danny.

Every week they are bringing back former Idol finalists.  And this week Jennifer Hudson was one of the guests.  In 2006 she starred in Dream Girls and the only Idol to ever win an Oscar.  She most recently won a Grammy for best R&B album.  This was her first time back since being eliminated.  She said it was like "coming full circle."  She sang her new hit If This Isn’t Love off her self-titled album.  She is such an amazing singer.  And I think her not winning American Idol was a blessing in disguise. 

Back to the results.  Kris and Lil stand up.  Simon tells Kris that he was "brilliant last night".  Ryan asked Lil if she felt like she couldn’t win with the judges and Lil said, that she sometimes felt that way, but thought she did good last night.  Well not good enough, she is in the bottom three.

Matt and Danny stand up and before he says which one is the bottom 3… I know it will be Matt.  Ryan, made Danny think he was in the bottom 3 for a brief moment, but it is as I thought, Matt.

The one that is safe for another week is Anoop Desai.  No surprise there.  I knew, check out my last post, that the bottom two would be Lil and Matt.  It is a toss up which one will go.  Would not be surprised if it isn’t Lil because the females are not faring well in American Idol this season.

Miley Cyrus sings The Climb and I think this is my favorite song by her.  She looked like a beautiful young lady tonight.

Now for the moment of truth…Ryan tells Lil he is sorry "you’ll have to endure the competition for at least one more week."  It is Matt.  So he sings to convince the judges to give him a reprieve.  I would be shocked if they save him.  Mainly because there are three contestants that I think are more deserving.  Well color me wrong… Simon tells him it’s good news.  And they save him.

Simon tells him to not feel to secure because now "two go home next week and it’s disco week." 

Tune in next Tuesday on Fox and see the final 6 or make that 7 contestants perform for a chance to be the 2009 Season 8 American Idol winner.