American Idol 2009 – The Final Two

As I sit here waiting for the Season 8 American Idol result show to come on… I’m second guessing my prediction from last night.  I said it would be Adam and Kris in the final two – but thinking I probably should have stayed with my original prediction of Adam and Danny.  Not because I think Danny was better than Kris, but just because Danny has such a following.  And I will not be surprised, I’ll be upset… but not surprised, if Adam is the one to go tonight.

Ben Stiller, Bill Hader, Jonah Hill and Hank Azaria  opened the show promoting their new movie – Night At The Museum Battle of the Smithsonian.  And then Alicia Keyes talked about helping with the aids epidemic in Africa and introduced Noah a young boy from Rwanda who learned a song in English in one week and performed it live.  To help you can text "ALIVE" at 90999 – donate $5.00 and help save lives.

Ryan calls Danny out first and shows his trip back to his hometown in Milwaukee.  And a recap of last night.  Next is Kris and his trip to Little Rock, Arkansas.  There was a very touching moment with Kris and his dad.  He is a proud daddy for sure.

Jordin Sparks American Idol Season 6 winner sang her new single Battlefield.  She looked beautiful.  But like most of the former Idol contestants that have performed this season… I wasn’t terribly impressed with her singing.

Oh, am I the only one excited about the new show glee?

Adam is finally up with his hometown tour in San Diego, California.  Evidently, a female fan took her top off and flashed him.  Then Ryan gives Adam’s recap and he joins Danny and Kris. 

With over 88 million votes and only one million votes separating the top two, Danny tells Ryan he just wishes he’d get it over with.  Ryan says you know it isn’t me and I’ll tell you right after Katy Perry sings and of course one more commercial break.

Katy Perry sings, Waking Up In Vegas.  She was dressed up like a female (and sexy) Elvis.  This is a fun song and I love Katy Perry so really enjoyed it.

Finally the results, and the first of the two to be in the finals next week is Kris Allen.  And his competition is Adam Lambert.  Okay, I’ll get back to this in a moment.

They show the good-bye clip of Danny’s journey on American Idol and it is very touching.  He sings You Are So Beautiful again and it was a much better job tonight than last night.  He had so much more feeling tonight.  But I have no doubt that we haven’t heard the last of Danny Gokey.

Okay now for the final two – Yeah!!!!  I am so happy Adam is in the final two.  And I guess I shouldn’t second guess myself, huh?!  I was right in my prediction last night. 

Simon says it could be a big "ding dong".  I think he meant a big upset, especially after Kris’ second performance last night.  Whether it’s a "ding dong" or not… I’m excited to watch the final two fight (sing) it out. 

So I’ll see you here next Tuesday night.  I’ll continue to stand behind my boy Adam.  He has an amazing talent and deserves to win American Idol more than any other contestant in the history of American Idol.