Alexa Skill Blueprints – Making My Family’s Life Easier

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Alexa Skill Blueprints – Making My Family’s Life Easier

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Being a busy mom, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate my Amazon Echo and Amazon’s new program, Amazon Skill Blueprints.

Since we bought our first Amazon Echo last year, I’ve said it was like a My Girl Friday… my ‘go to’ girl. She is my personal assistant, someone I can count on when I’m overwhelmed. Then on top of all that, Alexa Skills keeps my family entertained. Seriously, what more could you ask for?

What is Alexa Skill Blueprints?

Alexa Skill Blueprints is as easy as filling in the blanks. You can teach Alexa new skills in mere minutes, like household lists, stories, games, and more.

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Custom QA SS 1 life easier

Custom QA SS 2 life easier

What’s so cool about Blueprints is that it is entirely customized. So all the skills fit YOU and your family. You can create custom responses to instructions (like I did for my son in the video below), jokes, and so much more.

What Blueprints Can You Create?

There are a plethora of Blueprints you can create since they are all customizable, but here are a few of our favorites…

  • Custom Q&A – Write your customized Alexa questions and responses. For example: “Alexa, what chores do I have to do?” Then answer with the things you want your kid(s) to do and Alexa will reply with your answer.
  • Family Trivia – Customize your very own trivia questions and answers about your family, and see who knows more about your family.
  • Flash Cards – Are a great way to study and test yourself. My son is using Flash Cards to help prepare for his finals.
  • First Letter – You play a game of categories starting with a particular letter. An example would be ‘Name a movie that starts with the letter F.’ This is a game we play on road trips all the time, so it’s really cool to play it at home with Blueprints.

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Check out how Alexa Skill Blueprints helps my son out when he gets home from school…


Using the Custom Q&A blueprint, I set up three questions our son would want or need to know when he came home from school and my husband and I wouldn’t be home yet.

Then when my son gets home from school, he can ask Alexa those questions, like, “Alexa, what is for dinner?” Then Alexa will answer my son with pre-supplied answers to his question.

As you can see from the video above how helpful Blueprints is to my teenage son.

life easier

Although I love Blueprints for how much it makes my life easier, we really like how much fun it has brought into our lives. We enjoy asking Alexa, “Open Family Trivia” for a competitive fun game of trivia.

life easier

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Learn more about Alexa Skill Blueprints and start creating your own Blueprints today.

What Alexa Skill Blueprints will you create to make your family’s life easier?