ACT Test Prep: Everything You Need to Know

ACT test prep is at the forefront of many teens and their parent’s minds right now, especially if you have an upcoming junior or senior in your household.

As your preparing for college, your teenager needs to prepare for the ACT test and possibly the SAT, as well.

Our son is taking a mock ACT test on November 17. He’s a sophomore this year, so we want to see where he stands.

The ACT Prep in Knoxville offers mock ACT tests several times a year, I think. Before my son leaves on 11/17, he will know his score and get to keep his test so he can work on the things he got wrong.

He has had no prep or practice because we want to see his strengths and weaknesses, but after he takes the mock test, we will start tutoring and preparing him for the ACT his junior and senior years.

ACT test prep

ACT Test Prep

Preparing for the ACT test is going to help your student show up and show out for testing. Parents this is a high-pressure time as well as high-pressure process, and I recommend all potential college candidates take both the ACT and the SAT. Why? Because they are two completely different tests which historically students do exceptionally well on one or the other.

Most colleges and universities consider both test results which is a good thing. All colleges and universities in the south require the ACT, though.

There are over a hundred different ways to prepare for the ACT from a tutor to a course to books to apps and more.

Some study methods are free and some cost, regardless, you have plenty of options so let’s explore them and select the best affordable ways for your child(ren). Here are the options I recommend…

7 Ways to Prepare your Teenager for the ACT Test

First things first, take a free ACT practice test. You will appreciate this because it allows you to see just where your child is and what they need to work on.

If you don’t have somewhere local that give mock ACT tests, like we do, you can look here for an ACT practice test. You may take the free practice test unlimited times, and it helps to take it after each significant study event to see how much you’ve improved so that you may focus on improving in your challenged areas.

ACT Test Book

Invest in an ACT test book and study it thoroughly. The more time spend studying for the ACT and practicing this type of test taking, the better odds your student will have at scoring high on the ACT.


Utilize an ACT app. It is how today’s generation processes information so you may want to support your student by encouraging the study of online flashcards and online apps.

ACT Test Prep Courses

The ACT is important, and there are free course options as well as paid so please exercise this suggestion and make sure your teenager takes an ACT prep course. Here are some options available.

ACT Test Prep Tutoring

Exercise your right to get your child an ACT tutor. They are available online and in person. The one on one interaction is priceless. Here are some services which offer online tutoring for the ACT.

You can also check for ACT tutors near you by Googling, “The best ACT tutors near me” if you want to have an actual physical tutor for your student.

ACT Study Schedule

Set and plan out a study schedule and stick to it. Here is a sample schedule.

Explore these websites for ACT prep as well.

ACT Helpful Tips

Encourage your teenager to follow these Twitter handles for ACT helpful tips. They give fantastic tips for the ACT.

These are just a few ways to prepare your teenager for the ACT. Make sure to implement each of them supportively to ensure success and your teenagers best. Through each of you honoring your respective roles in the process of preparing for the ACT, you can ensure your teenager does it’s very best.

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ACT test prep