A Visit From The Fairy Hobmother Made My Week


It has been a killer month, and May has just started. Between work, Cody's play at our local children's theater, and all the end of the school year things going on, I feel spread too thin. Exhausted. Overwhelmed.

You get the picture. 

Then as I'm checking my email — I get hundreds of emails a day, so just checking my email can be a daunting task most days– I get a pleasant surprise…  it's an email from the Fairy Hobmother!

I feel so honored! I've seen the Fairy Hobmother visit many of my fellow bloggers from time to time and remember feeling so happy for them. And I knew one day he would (yes, he… I knew the Fairy Hobmother was a HE) drop by my blog; just when I needed a pick-me-up.

He sprinkled a little magic in the form of an Amazon GC, on me. The Fairy Hobmother is good like that. Just flying around from blog to blog, looking for a blog to, in his words,  "I'm the Fairy Hobmother, spreading light and joy throughout the blogosphere with the help of talented bloggers like you!" It's really not so much the GC (don't get me wrong, a free GC is awesome, too), but that he said he chose me because I was a "talented" blogger. THIS…. is what made my week. 

The Fairy Hobmother comes to us via appliancesonline and has asked me to help him spread a little joy into the world. Of course I said, YES! This is my favorite thing about the Fairy Hobmother… paying it forward. He visits blogs of those who comment on posts about him, so if you want
him to visit you, leave a comment! You could be the next one on his

Thank you Fairy Hobmother for all the great work you do and all the joy you spread throughout the blogosphere! YOU are appreciated!