A New Face For Marlie Casseus

Marlie Casseus (born 1992) is a Hatian teenager, who attracted media attention when she received four surgeries to remove an 18-pound growth from her face that threatened her ability to eat, breathe, and see, according to Wikipedia.

In her native Haiti, the growth on Marlie Casseus's face is believed by many to be the work of the devil. She hides away and is given up for dead as the hideous growth closes her throat and prevents her breathing.

In reality Marlie suffers from polyostotic fibrous dysplasia, a disease that can cause large growths of swollen and jelly-like bone throughout the body, sometimes including the face and skull.

In Marlie's case the growths started around age five to eight and grew until her facial features were completely disfigured.

They re-aired the show, A New Face For Marlie, last night, but if you missed it you can catch it (or TIVO it), today, August 4, 2008 at noon on TLC (The Learning Channel).

I am always amazed at the things that are possible in the science and medical fields. 

I wanted to write about Marlie and I desperately wanted to know how she is doing today.  I have searched and searched and cannot find any recent updated information on Marlie Casseus.  I contacted TLC for an update and if they respond back to me, I'll let you know.

If you have any information on Marlie, please share it with us.  Hope to hear from you!

UPDATE:  September 13, 2009 on Marlie


  1. They are playing the TLC show on Marlie – Like you, I am looking for an up date – it has beem 3 years since the show and I want to find out how she is doiing.

  2. I just saw the story of Marlie on TLC and wept uncontrollably. This is living proof of so many things…hope, amazing scientific advancements and of course a loving God. I too would like to see the latest updates…and I will be fundraising on a small scale and donate myself when I get better economically. God bless you Marlie!

  3. @Emily: I contacted TLC and they did respond back telling me that unfortunately they didn’t have any new information on Marlie. Hopefully they will soon.

  4. @Anna Lisa: Thank you. That story is 2 years old. It seems we can’t find an update on Marlie.

  5. I would like to know if she got well enough for the doctor to finish her face. It was so sad and then again hopeful. I hate to see any child like that. It looks as if Discovery Channel would let us know how she is doing or if they replaced her face. I hate it when they show something like that and get your heart invovled and leave you hanging. I really would like to send her a little money, but how would I go about that. I am very angry right now cause I wish I knew more.

    1. i have only just followed the story of marlie, what a brave young lady. i have searched high and low for any up dates but cant find any..does anyone else know of any? thanks x

  6. @Gloria: I still haven’t been able to find out anything new about Marlie. Your best bet for finding information on donations would probably be through http://tlc.discovery.com/. Like you I would like to know how she is doing.

  7. I’m watching the show right now on March 22,2009 and I really hope that they include and update because I too want to know how this young lady is doing and if she was able to get the final surgeries. I gave myself a nose and chin job earlier this year and now I feel pretty petty, would like to contribute to her fund or that of another child with this condition. It kills me to think that there are these poor kids who are hidden away and shamed in the far corners of the world.

  8. I watched the show on 03/22/09 and was deelpy touched and wept uncontolably too. I realized how selfish and ungrateful I am. Marlie’s life is an example of faith, courage and love, and a prove that God is there for those who trust Him. I would like to know how is she doing now! Marlie, your life is a blessing to me, May God Bless you!

  9. My heart and prayers are with Marlie. I wish her well with her future surgeries. She is a beautiful little girl, with so much dance in her eyes!

  10. http://www.internationalkidsfund.org/ikf_kids/details_press.cfm?news=24&KD_ID=123

    Try this link above. It has photos and her jaw is closed so she has made some progress even though it is still three years old now. I would love to see more current info but if you read the article, they are monitoring for growth so as not to put her through more than is necessary.

    She is still going to need a lot of help, per the article, so donate if you can. There are also a lot of other children on the site that are in life saving mode as well.

    It’s great to see that there are still people out there that have hearts.

  11. Joe and JLD,

    Thank you for sharing an update on Marlie! I am so happy to hear how she is doing now. Her story moved me the first time I heard about it and I’m pleased that there is new information on her. Thanks again!

  12. I am watching the Discovery Health Channel right now and they just showed that in November all the shows of people we’ve watched will have updates and they just showed an update of Marlie will be airing this November 09.

  13. I love you Marlie, you are a sweet and brave girl. Ive been watching you on tv for years, and I wish to know how you
    are doing now. Where can we donate funds on your behalf. God loves you so much, and we love you too. Keep
    hanging in there and hold on to Gods unchanging hands. God bless your loving family too.

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