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8 Postgraduate Celebs (Who Are Probably Smarter Than You)

By: Donna Chaffins | Date: December 13, 2012 | Categories: Celebrity, Entertainment, Guest Posts

Guest Post

Have you ever given thought to what some celebrities might have done before they were famous? Celebrities are not born famous (unless they are part of the English Royal Family or Michael Jackson’s kids), they are like all of us normal people; everyone went through the schooling system, right? So, which of these celebrities went the step further and bagged themselves a degree – just in case everything fell through? Here are some celebrities that gained a degree on graduating university; proving they are not just a pretty face after all!

John Cleese

Image Source

Before celebrity career: Hilarious law student

If celebrity career were to end: Hilarious slapstick lawyer

John Cleese is known for his comedic work as one of the founding members of Monty Python. Cleese attended Cambridge where he studied law. However, after graduating he didn’t pursue the legal dream of a wig and a hammer – he instead formed Monty Python.

Michael Jordan

Image Source

Before celebrity career: Geography Student

If celebrity career were to end: Coolest geography teacher the world has ever seen

Michael Jordan studied geography at North Carolina University. However, he dropped out since the NBA seemed to like him for some reason. A few years later, the gentle giant went back to Carolina to finish his degree in style. Safe to say he was the big man on campus.

Natalie Portman

Image Source

Before celebrity career: Super Student

If celebrity career were to end: Anything she wants to be

Natalie Portman is one brainy lass. After completing school with a 4.0GPA she went on to attend one of America’s top universities; Harvard. At Harvard Portman completed her degree in psychology and did a graduate degree on top of that. She also speaks three languages fluently; Japanese, French and Hebrew.

Tommy Lee Jones

Image Source

Before celebrity career: English Student

If celebrity career were to end: Grumpy Librarian

Tommy Lee Jones was actually the room mate of Ex Vice President Al Gore at Harvard University where he studied English. Jones graduated with the prestigious merit of ‘cum laude’; his thesis focussing upon the ‘mechanics of Catholicism’.

Gerard Butler

Image Source

Before celebrity career: Rubbish lawyer

If celebrity career were to end: Handsome politician

After attending Glasgow University, Gerard Butler was working as a trainee lawyer at a firm in Ediburgh. Fortunately for him he got fired the week before qualifying, leading him to a marvelous acting career.

Rowan Atkinson

Image Source

Before celebrity career: Electrical engineering student

If celebrity career were to end: Mad inventor.

Rowan Atkinson attended Newcastle University, and went on to claim a master’s degree in electrical engineering at Oxford University. Jonny English is a man of many secret talents!

Jerry Springer

Image Source

Before celebrity career: Campaign Aide

If celebrity career were to end: President

Famous chat-show host Springer received a Law degree from Northwestern. After graduating, Jerry was political campaign aide to no other than Robert Kennedy. After Kennedy died, Springer went on to work within a legal firm and then a local politics job; leading to his own radio show.

John Legend

Image Source

Before celebrity career: Management Consultant

If celebrity career were to end: Public Speaker on African American Literature

Soul singer/songwriter John Legend is a man of many talents. In his early life he attended the University of Pennsylvania where he discovered he had a pen chance for the English Language. After graduating, Legend became a management consultant – but in time, music became his true calling.


This is just a handful of celebrities who have the brains as well as a special talent also. But, for every celebrity there is with a brain…you can be sure there is one without, sadly! If you or any of your genius celebrity friends fancy a job in the legal sector, check out Legalweekjobs.com (we’re looking at you Gerard…)

7 Responses to 8 Postgraduate Celebs (Who Are Probably Smarter Than You)

  1. Dorothy Boucher says:

    interesting to read, very impressed more so about Natalie Portman, did know she knew so much and to speak 3 languages WOW , i can barely get through the English language 🙂 thanks for the info.

  2. Maryann says:

    some people just know how to put it all together, don’t they.

  3. Lisa says:

    I love this post.

  4. Sheri says:

    Very interesting! Natalie Portman was the only one who didn’t surprise me.

  5. Kathleen says:

    How interesting. Never would have guested Jerry Springer or Michael Jordan.

  6. Aubrie g says:

    John Cleese is hilarious–he must definitely be smart to be that funny!

  7. Toni says:

    So interesting. I could totally see most of those as super students.

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