Age is a Number: 7 Crazy Things That Happen to Your Body as You Age

There’s nothing more exciting to a child than getting older. No rules from parents, no more school, and no more being told what to do. You’re accountable for yourself on every level, and the freedom of that can be wonderful. Can you remember how it seemed to take forever to reach sixteen, eighteen, and twenty-one? Then as you age, time seems to fly by?

It’s not until you’re in your late twenties that you first start to realize what’s happening to your body and feel shocked that – actually – you won’t be eternally young!

7 things that happen to your body as you age

One day you’re partying the night away and still waking up fresh-faced and bright-eyed, and the next, you’re on the list of people who need a mammogram scheduled more often.

Things that once pointed up and had some firmness to them seem to droop. Aging just isn’t something you anticipate until it happens to you.

Welcome to middle age – the time of your life where you see the doctor more frequently than you ever have before! There are a lot of things that happen to your body as you get older. So pop on those reading glasses and have a look around…

7 Things That Happen to Your Body as You Age

7 things that happen to your body as you age

Sweat The Changes

Women will experience menopause as they reach the end of their fertility, so they’ll go through a period of what feels like neverending hot flashes and night sweats. But did you know that the sweat glands shrink as we age and become less sensitive? Shrinking sweat glands mean we perspire less.

Menopause also brings along other issues like dryness (especially vaginal dryness), menopause belly, and insomnia.

Embrace The Sag

We mentioned things looking a little droopy earlier, and as we get older, muscle mass declines. This comes into play in our thirties, and by the time we are in our seventies, we often have twice the fat content than in our youth.

Fine Print

When did the font size get so small? Right after you turn 40. It’s true. Once you hit your forties, you may find you start holding reading material further away from you to read it.

Then you realize you need to buy reading glasses. It’s a natural process due to the loss of focusing ability due to the hardening of the lens inside your eye. My favorite readers are from

Sorry, Say What?

Hearing loss as we age is very common and can start as early as your twenties. That inability to hear the television quietly may not just come from the club music you listened to in your teens!

Losing Taste

Loss of taste is common in the older generation, as by the time we are in our sixties, we have lost nearly half our taste buds. Not many people know that this is something to look forward to!

Gnawed Off

Your teeth are the one thing you should always take care of, as after your milk teeth, they are the only set you get! Over time, the gums recede and expose the roots, which causes them to be rather sensitive.

Brain Drain

Did you know that as we get older, the brain begins to shrink? Memory loss is caused by the shrinking of the hippocampus. But not to worry, the neurons we lose from the age of thirty don’t quite compare to the 500 billion we start with, so you won’t go all useless just yet!

7 things that happen to you body as you age

Aging isn’t something to be feared, as it comes to all of us, but it is something to be careful of. Watch your health and know your body enough to seek help if something doesn’t feel quite right. Growing old gracefully is nice, but doing it while having fun is far better! Remember that not everything that happens to our bodies as we age is bad.