5 Ideas For Making This Christmas Awesome

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5 Ideas For Making This Christmas Awesome

Christmas is a festive time of year where you can celebrate with your family and friends. Often, you will have a lot of parties to go to and gifts to give. If you want to break away from your usual traditions, here are some idea you can adopt for this Christmas season to mix it up.

Host a Snow Party

It doesn’t matter whether you live in northern Maine or in San Diego, snow is always associated with the Christmas season. If you are in an area that doesn’t see a lot of snow, you can still host a snow party for your friends and neighbors. It is easy to find snow machine rentals across the country, so adding an extra touch to this Christmas season isn’t too difficult.

Give Only Handmade Gifts

A lot of times we are wrapped up in finding the perfect gift for someone special that we often spend more than we should. Instead of searching the mall this season, why not make an agreement with family and friends to exchange only handmade gifts? The costs are lower and you will be able to get creative for the ones you love.

Host a Secret Santa Exchange

While Secret Santa is a tradition in many families and circles of friends, if you haven’t tried it, it can be a fun adventure. This is another cost-saving idea too, because you are typically only buying for one person instead of the whole clan.

Host a Christmas Bake-Off

Does your coworker claim that her grandmother’s gingerbread recipe is the best in the world? Do you want to show her up with your own grandmother’s caramel recipe? Hosting a Christmas bake-off not only provides the festivities with plenty of fun treats, but it is also a great way to share family traditions with others.

Find a Unique Way to Share Traditions

Everyone has a Christmas tradition that’s been with them since childhood. If you are getting together with friends from a variety of different backgrounds, you can always find a fun and unique way to share your traditions. An easy way to do this is to write your tradition on an index card, exchange it with another party member and share photos of how you incorporated it in your own Christmas season.

The great thing about the holiday season is that everyone has their own tradition, and everyone has the ability to make new traditions each year with their friends and family.

Author Bio: Tricia Borren – I’m just a mom and a blogger from California, there’s not much more to me than that!


  1. We do a Secret Santa every year with my in-laws. It works out really well!

  2. My kids would totally love a snow party but I think it would melt pretty fast here in South Florida. It isn’t the same as real snow though.

  3. I think the Secret Santa exchange is an excellent idea and have participated in this in the past but unfortunately our family doesn’t seem to like it. Too bad because it is quite beneficial financially and you can really shop for something that you know that one person would love.

  4. Great ideas! We do Secret Santa for the in-laws.

    I am SO excited about Christmas coming and will be starting to decorate this weekend.

  5. We usually do a Secret Santa exchange with the adults instead of exchanging gifts with everyone – it’s just too expensive!

  6. I love these, we love baking and giving it out to family and friends. Nice gift for the neighbors!

  7. I love the Christmas Bake off idea!

  8. i would love to do the snow machine idea. i will have to look into how much that costs but my kids and husband would love that! my husband grew up in florida and now we live in NC where it rarely snows.

  9. I’ve always wanted to rent out a snow machine, but they’re so expensive!

  10. A snow machine sounds perfect! And a Christmas bake-off will definitely be loads of fun!

  11. There are several good ideas here, especially giving only homemade items. I have done it before but you really do have to plan ahead and I haven’t this year.

  12. These are some great ideas! I want to have a snowy party for my toddlers at school (im a a toddler teacher at a prive pre school) they would LOVE this!

  13. Love your ideas especially hosting a Christmas Bake-off. It’s a wonderful way to share family traditions with others.

  14. We focus on the tree and my daughter. Not having to run around buying stuff people don’t really want, and just enjoying each other is so much better for us.

  15. I love the idea of a snow party! We don’t ever get snow in Florida, so it would be so much fun for everyone!

  16. Cute ideas! Since I pretty much always work on Christmas, we tend to do things at work like exchanging cookies and treats.

  17. The adults in our family do a Secret Santa every year! It’s always a ton of fun, limits spending and everyone always has to try and figure out who another person has.

  18. A snow party sounds like fun especially when we get dumped with like 20 inches πŸ™‚

  19. I so wish that I could get into the holiday spirit. This year especially is bad.

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