5 Foods To Help Battle Aging

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I used to be one of those women that believed when I got my first few wrinkles or my first grey hair I wouldn't freak out. I told myself I would let myself age gracefully but let me tell you, the minute I hit my 30s and started noticing more than just a few small wrinkles I started to silently freak out.

I mean, I was too young to get wrinkles! Granted I was never that twentysomething who was religious about wearing sunscreen, abiding by a strict skincare routine, or even following a healthy diet but that didn't mean I wanted to have wrinkles on my face! No matter how small…or big.

I decided to take action. I did my research. I experimented. I read some more. And I discovered 5 of the best foods that helped to turn the clock back and give me my twentysomething wrinkle-free skin I had missed oh-so-much.

So what are these foods you ask? Well read on sistahs as I break down the top 5 best foods to fight aging.


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I thought I would kick off the list with this sweet treat because, hey, it's summer!

You see, watermelons, and reddish-orange foods in general, are packed full of beta-carotene and lycopene which helps to protect your fragile skin against those harmful UV rays.

When you ingest foods such as watermelons, or even carrots and tomatoes, those vitamins settle into our skin's outer layer where they work their antioxidant magic and help to repair our skin cells that are damaged thanks to the sun.

This is important because our skin cells need these vitamins to stay healthy and guard against the aging effects of the sun.

So go ahead and slice yourself up some juicy watermelon. Or if you would rather drink your vitamins, consider giving V8 juice a try. It too can give you the same results, but just make sure you opt for the low-sodium version so you don't feel bloated.

Because let's be honest, bloating isn't exactly a good look for us ladies in the summer.


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Rainbow Trout

I bet you expected to see salmon on this list, didn't you? Well it just so happens that Rainbow Trout has just as many healthy omega-3 fats in it as salmon does. You know, just in case you wanted to switch things up.

Now these fats are helpful in your battle against aging because our skin needs them to help lubricate our outer layers of skin which can quickly become parched and flaky. This is important because dry, parched, flaky skin is not only unsightly but it is also more prone to wrinkles.

So cook yourself up some Rainbow Trout, leave the skin on, and get your daily dose of healthy fats, lubricate your skin, and fight wrinkles all in one tasty little meal.


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Pumpkin Seeds

Oh no, they're not just for Halloween anymore! Pumpkin seeds are rich in vitamin E which is another powerful skin protector and helps to improve the quality and texture of your skin.

Vitamin E is essential to our anti-aging efforts because it helps to further guard your skin against free radicals, taking on the brunt of the attack while protecting the fatty acid that surrounds your vulnerable cells, as well as helping to strengthen these skin cells and ultimately help to keep your youthful look much later into your life.

And if pumpkin seeds really aren't your thing then try snacking on raw almonds or even sunflower seeds. Just make sure you get your nibble on!


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I have to admit, I was pretty excited when I discovered the benefits of cucumbers because not only are they super-low-calorie but I love the crunch they add to otherwise boring healthy meals. However, I never knew just how useful they were.

Simply put, the skin of the cucumber is made of silica, an essential building block of the skin-plumping, wrinkle-preventing, anti-aging ingredient, collagen.

The best part about cucumbers and their silica content is there is no maximum amount you should ingest, meaning you can feast on cucumbers to your heart's content and reap the anti-aging benefits.


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Lean Protein

Skinless chicken breast is not only low-calorie and tasty but it also helps to repair cells that have been blasted by free radicals.

You see, when protein is consumed and digested it breaks down into amino acids, aka the building blocks of our cells.

This is important because having plenty of amino acids helps to speed up the repair and regeneration of skin cells, and most importantly, collagen which will help your skin to look soft, supple, and give it that youthful radiant glow.

Just think of all the dishes you can make with a skinless chicken breast. I get hungry just thinking about it.

No matter what your anti-aging skincare routine is, if you try to incorporate these 5 foods into your regular diet you will start to notice your twentysomething skin making it's way back into your life. So go ahead, eat, eat, and eat some more and rock that younger, healthy, radiant glow.


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