4 Reasons Your Hair Has Stopped Growing

There’s something wonderful about the idea of having long hair. There are so many hairstyles you can choose, and there’s something inherently feminine and Rapunzel-like about the idea of glorious long hair that falls down your back in a shimmering wave. However, if you have been trying to grow your hair, there may be the point where you reach a plateau and just stopped growing.

You find yourself studying your lengths and wondering why they aren’t increasing. Isn’t hair just meant to keep growing? So why do you seem to have been stuck at the same length for months now?

There are four possible explanations for hair refusing to grow past a certain length. Why not read on, and see which may be applicable to you…

4 reasons your hair has stopped growing

4 Reasons Your Hair Has Stopped Growing

Reason #1 Your Hair May Have Stopped Growing: Poor Nutrition

The saying “you are what you eat” applies to your hair; what you eat has an impact on how your hair looks and its propensity to grow. Your diet should be full of protein and omega fatty acids, so you’re going to want to up your intake of oily fish (such as tuna) and lean meats.

You may also want to consider supplementing biotin, one of the essential vitamins that your hair needs in order to grow and flourish.

Reason #2 Your Hair May Have Stopped Growing: Genetics

Unfortunately, there’s no easy fix for this one; the length of your hair is partly determined by your genes. It might be that your hair isn’t even going to be able to grow to a staggering length; for some people, this just never seems to happen, despite the conditions for growth being perfect.

If you find that you have tried everything and your hair still isn’t growing, then your best option for length is likely to be tape in hair extensions or even fashionable wigs. These can look surprisingly realistic, especially if you opt for human hair rather than synthetic reproductions.

Reason #3 Your Hair May Have Stopped Growing: Clogged Follicles

In facial skincare, you may be familiar with the idea that your pores can become clogged– the same issue can occur with the follicles on your head. Follicles can be clogged by your hair products and natural sebum production, which ultimately results in slow-growing hair.

The best way to deal with this is to introduce an exfoliating regime into your haircare. After all, your scalp is just skin, so it needs the same treatment as the rest of your body. Add a tablespoon of sea salt into your shampoo to see if encourages growth; at the very least, the extra scalp massage should do you good.

Reason #4 Your Hair May Have Stopped Growing: Lack Of Trimming

You need to trim your hair on a regular basis, especially if you suffer from split ends. If you don’t nip split ends in the bud, they can travel up the hair shaft and cause your hair to break more easily. You may not want to trim your hair in an effort to hold on to the length you have, but it genuinely is better for your hair to receive a regular neatening of the ends.

Remember: On average, hair grows around one inch per month, though this can be far slower in some cases– so as well as examining the above areas, you may also just need to be patient!