30 Days About Me Day 13: The Biggest Influencers in my Life

30 Days About Me
Toni from A Daily Dose of Toni, is hosting this 30 Days About Me challenge and today's topic is "Something or someone that has had a huge impact on your life." This one is easy, too. Except it is someone x four. I truly can not narrow it down to one, because four people have had monumental influences in my life. I'll start with the one that has known me the longest and work my way down.

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My Mom

Her impact on my life is huge. She is a big reason I am who I am. And most importantly, who I want to be. She instilled integrity, honesty, and a sense of self, in me.  She is a strong woman… with strength that astounds me. And her kind and giving heart is incomparable.

My Dad

My stepdad impacted my life in a big way, by showing me that you can love – with an unbreakable love – someone that is not blood related. He loves my siblings and I, as much as any biological father ever could love their children. And he taught me a strong work ethic. Something I feel I bide by today. 

My Husband

My hubby has had an overwhelming impact on me. I was not always the most… tactful person. He has taught me the imortance of being so. He impresses me with his ability to be of above average intelligence, yet at the same time, be so unpretentious. He's the most modest person I know. And I'm impacted daily by his innate ability to be the best daddy ever.

My Son

Lastly, but by no means least, my son hugely impacted my life. Turned it upside down, topsy-turvy, inside out, head over heels, never be the same again, impacted my life. I waited until a little later in life before having my son, so I was kind of set in my ways… doing what I wanted, pretty much when and how I wanted. So having a baby most definitely impacted my life. But what a great impact it has been. He reminds me to laugh every day. He teaches me humility. I see through him hope and all things good. He enriches my life every single moment of the day.

I love, respect, and admire these four people more than they could ever know. Their influence on my life is unsurmountable. Who has had the most impact on your life? 


  1. Your family sounds absolutely amazing. Besides my obvious family members, I chose a friend from high school.

  2. @Kerry – It does take a special man to love and accept kids that are not his biologically, as his own. And I’m sure your kids will. 🙂

  3. @Becca – thanks! I have a few friends that have had great impacts on my life, too. But I’m saving them for Day 25. 🙂

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