If I could have 3 wishes, what would I wish for?

Today’s topic in the β€œ30 Things I Want My Son To Know About Me” is, “If you could have 3 wishes, what would you wish for?” I thought this would be easy, but it is not.

If you could have 3 wishes what would you wish for

Because 3 wishes would be incredible, yet, I’d probably later, think, “Why didn’t I wish for this… or that?”

If there were a magic lamp and a Genie to grant me three wishes — my first wish would be to have an infinite number of wishes. Hey, my Mama didn’t raise a dummy. πŸ˜‰

Seriously, though, it wasn’t quite so easy to come up with 3 wishes. And if I answer this question next week, or a month or a year from now, one or more of the wishes could be different, but for today, if I could have 3 wishes, what would I wish for….

1. No more cancer. I would wish for a cure of ALL cancers. A cure that everyone would get — rich or poor. I would wish that the entire world would be free from cancer. Not only a cure for those already with cancer, but a vaccination given to everyone that would keep you from ever getting cancer.

2. I would wish for my son to always feel loved and joy in his heart. ALWAYS. I want him to be an optimist. I wantΒ  laughter to always come easily for him. I hope that he will never let hardships or bad things keep him down or break his spirit.

3. I wish for a world that didn’t judge women so harshly. A world where we felt comfortable in our own skins, regardless of our shape or size, or whether we worked out of the home or a stay at home mom/work from home moms. I wish that women were more supportive of each other.

There you have it… my wishes are rather deep, I guess. I do know I’m wishing for another cup of coffee right now, this very minute, though.

Tune in next week when the topic will be, “What is your dream job, and why?”

If you had 3 wishes what would you wish for?


  1. Number 2 is my favorite. I agree one of my wishes would be for my family to be healthy and happy and live a fulfilling life.

    Without contemplating to deep right now I just wish the short sale on the house we want to buy would finally be approved so we could start preparing to move LOL!

  2. 1) I wish for a more unified world for my children when they become adults.

    2) I wish for balance in my family/work life.

    3) I wish for a fun and adventurous Summer!

  3. Jewel inspired me as teenager/young adult. To go from being homeless, to what she has now, is amazing.

  4. I honestly would have to think long and hard about this one because there are so many things in life that I would like to have. However, I have to say that your wish list is a very good one. I love the fact that you wish woman were more supportive of each other. We tend to really hurt each other a lot and are way to competitive with one another.
    I have to say if there were no cancer, I’d probably have many of my family members still. Cancer has really caused a lot of pain in my life.

  5. 1. I would wish for no more sickness/diseases/illnesses that cause pain and suffering. ie chronic pain, cancer, alzhemiers, ect.
    2. I would love it if everyone in the world chose to love each other instead of hate. It is one thing to agree to disagree but to be down right mean, rude, or cause fights is crazy.
    3. For my family to be healthy, happy, and prosperous in everything.

  6. Great questions! Lets see, good health for me, my family and friends. Financial prosperity! and let me think in the last one..lol

  7. I wish something was truly done for homelessness and world hunger.

  8. 1. I would want everyone to love each other and be there for one another.

    2. I wish everyone could have money and experience the finer things in life, we’re all deserving, right?

    3. I wish that sickness and evilness would go away, far away.

  9. Your wishes are so unselfish and giving! I wish I could give you 3 wishes!

  10. I’m with Liz — I wish I could grant you YOUR wishes.

    As for me ….
    1) That my daughter would always feel confident and beautiful. 100% of the time.
    2) That *I* would always feel confident.
    3) That I could eat all the chocolate and not gain weight.

    I guess I’m a little selfish with my wishing. πŸ˜‰

  11. What 3 wishes would I make? First, world peace, then the end of hunger, and healthcare for all.

  12. I would wish to be we would be debt free and we don’t have to worry about money, I want us to be in perfect health, and for world peace.

  13. I’d wish that my boys were always safe, healthy and happy. Does that count as three? If not, I’d also wish for extreme longevity (I’d like us all to live to 150) and perfect eyesight.

  14. My number one wish would be that my children become happy, healthy adults. I want that more than anything in the world!

  15. Those are so unselfish! I wish for no cancer, too. I know way too many people that are being affected by it. πŸ™

  16. That my kids would always feel loved and happy.
    No more sickness and disease like cancer, diabetes, etc.
    That my husband I and would be happy with our jobs.

  17. That’s a really hard question to answer! You picked some great wishes, though!

  18. Since this is hypothetical I’m going to be selfish πŸ˜‰ I’d wish that my daughter would not move far from home when she leaves us (I did that to my parents, LOL!), I’d wish for a gourmet chef to cook each night (and clean up!), I’d wish that we could have enough $$ travel the around the world. In reality if I could actually do this, I’d be a little more altruistic about it πŸ˜‰

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