My 3 biggest fears

3 of my biggest fears

It’s Sunday and time for post two in the 30 Things I want My Son To Know About Me series.  Today’s topic is – “Describe 3 legitimate fears you have and explain how they became fears.”

Be sure to check out all 30 Things I want my Son to Know About Me — as I’ll be adding a link there to each of the 30 topics as I finish them.

Fear #1 – I’m afraid that I am a bad mom

I so fear that something I’ve done, or said, or a choice I made has or will mess my son up.

Scar him for life…

Seriously, I really do fear I am a big #momfail. This fear came about during my last trimester of pregnancy. The reality that “I” was having a baby sunk in and I began to experience all these fears. Now eleven years later, I still have this fear.

I do the best I can, but worry that just maybe… my best isn’t good enough.

Fear #2 – I am afraid of public speaking

I don’t mind speaking to small groups of people, especially if I’m prepared, and not what I’m talking about, but I really, really, don’t like to be in front a a large group of people (especially if I know them) speaking. Can you say, “Anxiety attack”?

It’s funny that I actually took two speech classes (and got A’s in both) in college, but let me tell you, my nerves were shot, my stomach was a mess, and I thought I was going to pass out before each and every speech I got up to do.

Fear #3 – I am afraid of developing Alzheimers

The thought of not being able to remember my loved ones or all the things I’ve learned over the years terrifies me.


I’ve always had a zest for learning and to think one day I would just forget it all, scares me. And to not recognize my son or my husband — is heartbreaking.

I think these are probably my 3 biggest fears. Not sure how legitimate they seem, but they are real fears to me. Oh, I also suffer from musophobia.

Come back next Sunday when the topic is – “Describe your relationship with your spouse.”

What’s one of your fears?



  1. I think we are all afraid of not being a good mom… if we weren’t we probably would be bad moms…lol

  2. I totally get #1 and #2 those are definitely me.

  3. The bad mom one is scary for me too, but my biggest fear is of birds lol.

  4. Hmm, I don’t know if I can really narrow it down. I think my biggest fear is losing control of my clinical depression so that the effects cause emotional harm to my family.

  5. I wasn’t ever afraid of alzheimers until my grandfather developed it… in a matter of two years, he’s completely forgotten all of us. It’s the worst thing. 🙁

  6. I think most parents {especially moms} can relate to #1! I’m grateful that I don’t have any issues with public speaking, but it breaks my heart that my four year old already has stage fright.

  7. The fear of being a bad mom is crippling! You are doing just fine! Keep up the good work.

  8. I’m afraid of number one too. It’s natural. I’m also scared of elevators and enclosed spaces. Hate crowds too.

  9. I’m always afraid that I’m being a bad mom. I try to tell myself that I’m doing the best I can!

  10. I’m totally with you on #1! I think a lot of moms feel that way though.

  11. I’m so with you onon #1. I worry about it a lot. How will they look back on their childhood? What will they remember of me? Am I giving them a good foundation?

  12. My Hubby’s grandmother passed from Alzheimer’s and it is definitely a fear of ours that one day we may have to face too. It’s such a horrible disease.

  13. I am with you on 1 & 2! A lot of people in my family have had Alzheimer’s so it’s definitely crossed my mind.

  14. Your number 1 is the same as mine. It’s a huge responsibility. I’m also afraid of heights though public speaking doesn’t bother me.

  15. Wow, you sure nailed three of the top fears that I could think of too. You are spot on.

  16. Hi Donna,

    I can totally relate to this post. I have a fear of being a bad mom too and I think someone else said that too.

    I think that keeps us on our toes. To make sure we make the best decisions and set the right examples for our kids.

    I see your pics and I can tell your son is happy! You’re doing great hon!

    Thanks for sharing this personal side with us :). Happy Monday!

  17. I think all moms go through the #momfail fear stage at one time or another. I know I’ve written about it and I’ve seen many other bloggers write about it too. I’m sure that since you’re concerned about it (as someone told me) that you’re doing fine.
    I also think that we all fear gaining some type of sickness that will have a major negative impact on our lives whether or not we admit it.

  18. Thank you for sharing your fears. I totally agree with the fear of Alzheimer, it is so scary to think about.

  19. My mom developed Pick’s disease which is a rare form of Alzheimer’s so I am very scared that I will develop it. I have always treated my depression and try to keep my brain active all the time.

  20. I think the time to worry is when you aren’t worried about whether you are being a good mom or not. Don’t be afraid you will say or do something to scar him. As long as everything you say and do comes from a place of love inside you, it wont. I’ve raised six, and I know I wasn’t a spectacular mom to the first four. I was very young, and well, they don’t give us a handbook with kids. The first four are grown, and married now, with children of their own. We all survived, and we all still love each other!

  21. I’m not a mom, but the other 2 are definitely some of my fears. I was just thinking earlier today how scary it would be to face losing all my memories.

  22. Those are legitimate fears! I’m afraid of heights.

  23. All three of those for me! We have a lot of family members who have died with Alzheimers. My nana got it at like 50 years old. Makes me so nervous.

  24. Those would definitely all be very big fears for me too. My biggest would just be something happening to one of my children.

  25. Well, right now one of my biggest fears is that I will die. I am terrified of dying because I am worried what will happen with my youngest when i do.

  26. Your #3 is interesting to me. My husbands grandma has some form of that or dimencia and its terrible. 🙁

  27. I share your same fears. My other main fear is not being able to help my son if he were to need me.

  28. I certainly share in your fears. In fact, Alzheimer’s is scarier than cancer to me since I feel that memories are everything in life and all we have left in our old age.

  29. #1 is one that I think is at the top of the list for every single mom in the world. I know it is on my list.

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