2014 American Century Championship – Profits with a Purpose #ad #ACCgolf #GiveLikeJim

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Charles Barkley American Championship Profits with a Purpose #ACCgolf #GiveLikeJim

My husband and I live a rather busy life, even before we had our son, we were either working or playing. One thing that we never got into, but have talked about, was playing golf.

We love the idea of it, but just never seemed to have the time.  The other day our son was talking about learning to play, so we are checking into golf lessons, for all three of us. Even though I’ve never played (unless you count Frisbee golf and Putt-Putt golf — and well, they don’t count), I’ve always thought it seemed like a great sport to help de-stress.

One thing I do love about golfing or to be more precise, golfers, is their huge hearts. Professional golfers (or golfers in general) are excellent fundraisers.

Professional golfers are incredible at raising funds for a good cause.

I know we have a lot of golf tournaments as fundraisers for the American Cancer Society (and other great organizations) in our area.

Speaking of golfers and great causes… the 2014 American Century Championship is a great example. The celebrity golf tournament is part of American Century Investment’s Profits with a Purpose.

About American Century Profits with a Purpose

The 25th anniversary edition of the American Century Championship is bringing a star-studded lineup of more than 80 sports legends and celebrities to Edgewood Tahoe July 15-20 to raise funds and awareness for national and local charities.

Some participants include….

  • Charles Barkley
  • Annika Sorenstam
  • Aaron Rogers
  • Kevin Nealon
  • Ray Romano
  • Stephen Curry

The championship will be televised live on NBC Sports Network today, July 18 and on NBC July 19-20.

In honor of American Century Investments founder Jim Stowers Jr., an investment management innovator and philanthropist who recently passed away at the age of 90, the official national beneficiary of the 2014 tournament is the Stowers Institute for Medical Research. The world-class biomedical research institution is dedicated to the development of innovative approaches to treat, diagnose and prevent gene-based diseases such as cancer, diabetes and dementia.

Jim Stowers American Championship Profits with a Purpose #ACCgolf #GiveLikeJim

Since 2000, American Century’s total dividend payments to the Institute have exceeded $1 billion.


More than 40% of profits support the Stowers Institute for Medical Research , one of the most innovative biomedical research organizations in the world. You can learn more about BioMed Valley Discoveries here.

I think most of us know someone, or we will know someone, that suffers from cancer, diabetes, and/or dementia, so the Stowers Institute for Medical Research is so important. I hope that if not in my son’s lifetime, at least in my future grandchildren’s lifetime, there will be cures for these gene-based diseases.

And we will be able to thank organizations like the Stowers Institute.


Tune in today July 18 to NBC Sports from 1-4 pm. PST (4-7pm EST) and watch the championship live and on the NBC network July 19 -20.

Do you watch the American Century Championships?


  1. I’m going to tell my uncle about this, he would love it!

  2. I skip on watching golf, though I’m glad they are supporting great causes.

  3. Great cause! Thank you for sharing.

  4. I don’t like golf but this is a great cause. Thank you for sharing.

  5. I don’t but was moved by the story of how the Stowers gave back in such a large way. Nice to know that celebrities are jumping in to benefit charity.

  6. I don’t watch golf but my dad does. I’ll show him this.

  7. What a great story! We don’t golf in our house but their are so many people who do. Great cause!

  8. I don’t really watch sports, but my husband does. It’s so great that the golfers are giving back. Such an important cause.

  9. That’s a sport I’ve never really gotten into. I did go to a big tournament with my dad once because I LOVED the sport and I couldn’t help but enjoy it through him that day.

  10. I love watching this tournament! It’s fun to watch the “non professional golfers” playing! Especially Charles!

  11. Golf has just never interested me, but I’m so glad that there are events like this to raise awareness and donations for charities. I loved Kevin Nealon on Weeds, I wonder how he is in person, I bet still funny!

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