Snickerdoodle conjures up images of delicious cookies… a cookie I happen to enjoy. The next best thing to a snickerdoodle cookie is a DIY lip scrub. My lips tend to be dry, really just about any time of the year, not just in the winter or summer. So, a delicious,Read More →

This is a sponsored post. All opinions about the Neato D4 and tips for keeping your dorm room clean are 100% my own. I cannot believe that I just moved my only child into his dorm room. It truly seems like just yesterday I was walking him into his KindergartenRead More →

The process of transitioning to college is often difficult for every student. You are suddenly introduced to thousands of new faces, classes, and, often, a new living situation. If you are a previously homeschooled student, the following is a guide for homeschool students who are transitioning to college. How toRead More →

Becoming a consultant can be a very worthwhile occupation. You can leverage your collected life experiences into help for your clients while you make a handsome profit for yourself. Consulting work is one area where both yourself and your clients come out on top. That is if the work isRead More →

Outside of my duties writing for NerdBeach and BlogByDonna, I also write mobile apps for the App Store. In doing so, I’ve learned a few secrets along the way that I am going to share with you.  This can help you, even if it isn’t apps you’re selling. Today isRead More →