Jaycee Dugard featured on TLC tonight

Jaycee Dugard Story on TLC

TLC, The Learning Channel, will be featurning the Jaycee Dugard story at 9:00 pm EST on November 8, 2009.  The Dugard story on TLC description,

It is a story, literally ripped from the headlines: California woman freed after 18 years of captivity. Jaycee Lee Dugard was kidnapped when she was just 11 years old by Philip and Nancy Garrido. This is a look beyond the headlines, this is their story.

The Jaycee Dugard story is one of hope for so many families who have loved ones missing.  Because if Jaycee could be found 18 years later alive, then maybe their loved one can too. 

Jaycee’s story is a unique story to say the least.  And when she was found – she was not alone – she had two daughters herself. Ill be tuning in tonight to learn more about Jaycee’s eighteen year ordeal; how her discovery unfolded and how she is doing now. Please join me. 

I want to say to Jaycee, her daughters – Welcome home!