Useless Facts – Did You Know…

Did you know there was a website where you can find useless facts?  Well there is!  I already consider myself the Queen of useless information…so am pleased to know that there is a web site of useless facts, where upon I can retain even more useless information.

At they break down the useless facts into categories and broken down even further with subcategories:

  • People – Presidents, Babies & Birth, Movies & Movie Stars and The Body, to name a few.
  • Places – China, Colleges and Geography and more.
  • Living Things – Animals,Insects and Spiders and Fish
  • Society – Laws, Crime and Drugs
  • Academic – Energy, Literature and Medicine
  • Other Facts – Death and Magic and the Occult are a sampling of the subcategories.

Did you know:

  • That the oldest piano still in existence was built in 1720?
  • Christopher Columbus had blond hair?
  • Theodore Roosevelt’s wife and mother died on the same day?
  • In ancient China people committed suicide by eating a pound of salt?
  • A rat can go without water longer than a camel can?
  • And speaking of camels, it is illegal to hunt camels in the state of Arizona?

Did you know:

  • In 1915 the average annual family income in the United States was $687 a year?
  • Before King George IV OF England ordered a set of boots made to fit each of his feet, shoes were designed to be worn on either foot?
  • Alfred, Lord Tennyson wrote a 6,000 word epic poem when he was twelve years old?

I love this web site!  Now my arsenal of useless information will grow as I soak up like a sponge the new useless facts that I didn’t already know. 

Go check out  I promise you will learn something…what is useless to some may not be useless to all!

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