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We Should Be an Extra On The Walking Dead #zombies

I love ‘The Walking Dead’! I’ve always had an obsession interest in zombies. Five years ago, I even wrote about the ‘10 Signs You’re Turning Into a Zombie‘.

I am addicted to The Walking Dead. And once they added Jeffrey Dean Morgan to the cast… well, it solidified my love for it even more.

I love him as an actor, but do hate him as a bad guy. But, man, does he play Negan well.

I also love Pic Monkey to do my photo editing… and they have a Zombie editing tool right now, and I am zombifying photos left and right.

So here are a few of the ones I did.

C’mon, the powers that be… make me a zombie on The Walking Dead!
Cody wanted in on the zombie fun! #zombie
Not too bad, yet…
Like Mother… like son. #zombie
braaaaaaiiiiiinnnnnns! #zombie

I would love to be an extra on The Walking Dead. It was fun using PicMonkey to zombify ourselves. I think we should be on The Walking Dead. Don’t you?

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