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Cars vs. Motorcycles: 4 Ways To Keep Your Family Safe On The Road

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All states have driving laws that stipulate that drivers must share the roadways with motorcyclists. Motorcycle riders have the same rights and must be shown the same courtesy as any other driver on the road.

Even so, some motorcyclists do not show the same courtesy given to them. They may believe that their compact motorcycles entitle them to driving in a manner that puts other motorists at risk. When you head out on the highway for vacation, to run errands, or carry out any other part of your daily life, you are encouraged to pay attention to motorcycle riders, know the common risky habits in which some bikers engage, and be ready to act if necessary.

1. Avoid Motorcyclists Showing Off

While most bikers operate their motorcycles in a safe manner, some motorcyclists like to show off and spook drivers with flamboyant behavior. These individuals may pop wheelies and try to drive on their back tire rather than keep both tires on the ground.

Many of these show-off motorcyclists are not stuntmen. They put not only themselves at risk of crashing and being injured, but also you and your family.

If a motorcyclist falls off their bike in front of your vehicle, you could hit that person, as well as crash your own car. As noted by one Miami car accident lawyer,”If you have been involved in an automobile accident and you sustained an injury, it can be difficult to know if you have done all you can to bring those responsible to justice.”

A motorcyclist’s negligent behavior can cause a complicated car accident with all parties involved on the road.

2. Keep A Safe Driving Distance

Bikers’ compact cycles let them easily weave in and out of tight traffic spots. Even so, they are not supposed to do this when they are stuck in traffic or facing roadblocks like everyone else. T

hey are supposed to wait their turn and show respect to other drivers around them. If a biker is in front, to the side, or behind you, it may serve you to expect that individual to weave in and out of traffic lanes. You can be safe by being prepared to stop and give that person space if needed.

3. Steer Clear Of Speeders

Many cyclists abide by the speed limit and pose no risk to you and your family. However, some bikers like to speed past the established limits and fly down the highways at neck-breaking speeds. If you see a speeding cyclist coming close to your car, you should be ready to pull over and let that person pass if necessary.

Trying to block them by slowing down and preventing that person from passing can cause that cyclist to crash into your car’s back end. You would then be held liable for that cyclist’s injuries and damage to their motorcycle.

4. Look Out For Racing Cyclists

Some rogue cyclists try to engage other drivers and goad them into racing. They pull up alongside drivers and rev their engines in a bid to invite an impromptu road race.

If a cyclist tries to engage you, you are encouraged to ignore the motorcyclist and continue driving as normal. If the motorcyclist becomes threatening, you should call 911 from your cell phone or pull into the nearest public place, such as a gas station or restaurant to get away from that individual.

Most motorcycle drivers are safe and law-abiding citizens. However, a small rogue factor exists among bikers. Knowing what behaviors are common when encountering these bikers on the road can keep you and your family safe.

Having responsible motorcyclist friends enables Nadine Swayne to offer these tips on how to steer clear of danger. At Steinger, Iscoe & Greene, a Miami car accident lawyer group, they will vigorously fight to protect your rights if you’re involved in a car accident with a negligent biker on the road.

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