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5 Ways to Get a Good Nights Sleep #sponsored #sleeptight

LionSleepingAtZoo 5 ways to get a good nights sleep

Tossing and turning, lying on your side, your back, your stomach, looking at the clock and finally going to sleep only to wake up feeling tired, fatigued, and drained. Sound familiar?

I think everyone has experienced a sleepless night at one time or another. Some more than others. It’s frustrating and can affect your mood, not to mention your health in the long run, if you routinely have little to no sleep. We all know that 7-8 hours is optimal… I’d guess that most adults don’t even average 6-7 hours of sleep a night, though.

Unfortunately, if you are getting less than 6 hours of sleep it really can affect your over-all well being. Here are 5 tips (I use ) to help you get a good nights sleep:

1. The most important and best way to get a good nights sleep is a good mattress. It truly is the “foundation” of a good nights rest. Not only a good mattress but the right mattress for you. I prefer a pillow top mattress, but you may sleep better on a firm mattress. Just like Goldilocks, you don’t want a mattress that is too hard or too soft, but one just right. If your mattress is comfortable you will definitely get a better nights sleep

2. Power off. Turn off all electronics, even your TV at least 20 minutes before hitting the sack. Our smartphones, tablets, laptops, and TVs are distracting. By turning them off your mind can turn off, too. The excessive light emitted from electronics disrupts sleep, as well.

3. Turn the thermostat down and the lights off. A cool dark room is the perfect sleep environment. If you get hot it will be difficult to fall asleep and if you get hot during the night, it will disrupt your sleep.

4. White noise… if you can’t fall asleep if it’s too quiet (you fall asleep with the TV on), try white noise. You can use a white noise machine, an MP3 player, your smartphone, or a fan, to aid in falling asleep.

5. Exercise. I find that I have a better nights sleep when I exercise. I try to get my workout in during the earlier part of the day, though. Often times exercising too close to bed time can hinder a good nights sleep. But if you can get in a workout earlier in the day it will leave you more tired at night, not to mention exercise relieves stress. Stress is one of the biggest culprits contributing to a bad nights sleep.

Thankfully I have a good mattress and usually have no trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, but I know many people do have trouble… hopefully these tips will help you.

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