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Snail’s Slime as a Skin Care Product

It may seem unbelievable but slime produced by snails is very popular in some of today’s skincare routines. It may be new for you but snail’s slime has been used for many years.

So what can be so attractive about snail’s slime? About ten years ago Chilean farmers noticed that after contact with snails (which they were breeding for export), their skin became softer and smoother.


Snail’s Slime a Skincare Product

The secretion produced by snail’s skin defends it from damage, bacteria and sun rays. And it is rich in proteins that help to stimulate the process of regeneration of skin cells.

Glycolic acid which is contained in slime serves as a natural peeling that removes dead cells. Allantoin stimulates regeneration of skin and it also has hypoallergenic and healing qualities.

Such proteins as collagen and elastin improve skin texture and nourish it. It is also proven that they are effective in the regeneration of the skin.

In combination with vitamins, they have an anti-inflammatory effect. By the way, allantoin is extremely popular and widely used in the USA.

Snail’s slime is used in some cosmetic products which are used for stretch marks and to get rid of inflammation.

Snails generate slime due to mechanical stress produced on them systematically. After this, accumulated slime is being filtered several times, and only then packed for sale.

Not Just Snails

Animal products have been used for the production of beauty products for centuries. For example, masks made from a bee sting or snake poison used for the creation of facial creams are known to rejuvenate the skin, by tightening facial muscles.

Cow’s brain is said to make your skin tender and soft due to the existence of nutrients in its content.

In the hair industry, bull’s seed and ox’s medulla are used in order to strengthen the hair.

You may be surprised but all these strange and unpleasant at first glance products are rather expensive. Celebrities use these products in order to maintain their youth and beauty as long as it is possible.

Japan’s Beauty Secret

A spa in Tokyo offers a special service for their clients. They use snails for facial procedures. The procedure looks like snails are put on the face to crawl for five minutes. This unusual spa costs about one hundred dollars!

They assure that after this procedure, thanks to snail’s slime, skin becomes soft and radiant. It happens because dead cells are removed and skin no longer looks dull. It helps to moisturize and hydrate the skin properly.

These snails are treated in the most careful way. They are given fresh carrots and spinach and they are kept in a capacity with a stable temperature which achieves 20 degrees C.

Procedures based on snail’s slime are met only in Japan. They are so popular because of their famous anti-aging qualities. Unfortunately, snail’s slime therapy is not available here.

The only thing you can do is to buy facial cream which contains slime.

We will tell you how to save money and you will not need to spend hundreds of dollars or to look for cosmetic products with snail`s slime.

You can find snails and keep them at home. In this case, slime masks are available for you any time you want.

This method of skincare will help you to keep your skin clean and radiant. Specialists confirm that this kind of mask is very effective and helps in the treatment of acne and scars caused by it.

It is also effective in the struggle against pigmentation such as age spots and freckles.

So, if you’re not too grossed out about the fact of having snail slime on your skin, maybe you can try some snail’s slime.

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