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4 Kid Essentials For Holiday Travel

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If you’re traveling with your infant this holiday season, you’ll want to be prepared before you embark on your road trip. Finding items that soothe, comfort and keep baby happy can make for a smooth and peaceful ride. Whether your family or friends live nearby or you’re navigating over the river and through the woods, you’ll find the following four infant-friendly items ideal for your next holiday getaway.

1. Carry A Baby Play Mat

An activity play mat for your baby has a host of benefits. In addition to it being an educational form of entertainment, you’ll also find it to be a germ-free environment to change your infant’s diapers and clothing.

An activity play mat comes in a variety of styles, textures and designs that are beneficial in your child’s growth and development. The various toys and objects are sewn into the mat to encourage your child to crawl, grasp and roll over. It’s also an ideal location for “tummy time” activities. The child-safe mirror makes self-discovery fun and captivating.

The play mat is also perfect for germy hotel room floors and carpets. This allows your baby to crawl around in a safe and clean environment. The mat is also machine washable, so you can easily clean up any messy spills and spit-up. You can search for play mats online on sites such as for example.

2. Play Interactive Family Games

Long car rides can be time consuming and dull. You can implement some age appropriate games for your child to pass the time away. Games of peek-a-boo, singing and chatting can make the time go quickly. You can also put on their favorite songs or nursery rhymes and have fun singing along.

When you’re on a driving break, you can sit in the back seat with your child and read them their favorite story. Get them involved by teaching them how to turn the page and interact with the characters in the story.

3. Have Plenty Of Healthy Snacks

Your little one is bound to get hungry on a road trip. So you don’t have to stop at unhealthy fast food eateries, you can pack healthy snacks to sample while on the road. You can also pack a picnic lunch and stop at a scenic location for a bite to eat. This allows everyone to stretch their legs and play before you embark on your trip again. Depending on the foods your child can eat, you want to make them healthy and nutritious.

4. Make Time For Nap Time

To alleviate any cranky moods, you can schedule your trip to coincide with your infants nap. Soothing music and lullabies can put them in the mood to relax and rest their eyes. You can also select comforts from home such as a baby blanket, pillow and comfortable clothing.

When you get to your destination, you may want to bring along a play yard. This unique gadget is easy to transport and allows your infant to sleep anywhere comfortably. This also helps you keep an eye on them while you enjoy spending time catching up with the family.

Traveling to visit friends and family over the holidays is a great way to introduce your infant to vacations and getaways. Having the essential items such as a road safety checklist to help you navigate safely and essential items for your infant can make your trip pleasurable.

Her own memorable travels inspires Nadine Swayne to present these tips to make the trip a smooth one. From baby play mats to healthy snacks and activities, these great ideas are sure to help your family ease on down the road to your holiday destination!

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