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Letters to Our Sons – September 2013

Dear Cody,

What a month! The biggest thing to happen in August was you starting 5th grade. Well, it’s really BIG for me. I’m actually very sad about it, because this year will be the end of your elementary school years. We love, I mean L-O-V-E, your elementary school.

I just cannot imagine not going there anymore. Sigh.

I also don’t even want to think about middle school. Although I know I have to. In fact, we will be touring several co-ops (for homeschooling), as well as several private and Montessori schools. The only thing we know for sure is… you will more than likely NOT be going to a public middle school.

Okay, enough of that.

You have the most amazing 5th grade teacher. We adore her! As I write this, you are just about to finish up your first month of school (I know, CRAZY) and we feel so blessed that you have Mrs. W as your teacher.

You are off to a good start this year. Keep it up!

The other big thing that occurred in August was the opening and closing of “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”.  And, Oh. Em. Gee. YOU rocked the role of Huckleberry Finn. ROCKED it!

The role of Huck Finn was made for you… or you were made for it. Whatever the case may be, I cannot imagine anyone else playing Huck. Ever. You will always and forever be Huck. You were so FUNNY. I am in awe at your comic timing.

“Tom Sawyer” is my favorite play at Knoxville Children’s Theatre to date. It was so much fun and a pleasure to watch not only you, but such a talented and hard-working bunch of kids bring it to life.


What a blessing KCT has been in our lives. I don’t know where your career path will lead you as an adult, but I sometimes get a glimpse, and a slight fear, that you’ll be on stages and TV screens all over the world doing stand-up, making fun of your parents.

And I’ll be on the front row laughing.

Until next time…

I love you to the moon and back!


First day of 5th grade…
Guys day out with Daddy at Jump Jam!
Cody being… Cody. 🙂
Eating your favorite meal (Mac ‘n Cheese) at your favorite restaurant, Noodles and Company
Oh how I love you, sweet boy!
I love this face!
Having fun at Uncle Bill’s Beaver Bay Beach & Tiki Bar! 🙂
Your headshot from the wall of the box office at KCT
But I bet you all three are missed!
There wasn’t a thing I didn’t love about this play!
The young lady playing Becky Thatcher brought each cast member a rose. So Sweet!
Bravo. A job well done!

These monthly letters to our sons and photographs are a part of a circle. We will be publishing our letters on the first Fridays of every month. So please follow and check out the circle continuing with my friend, Shell at Not Quite Suzie Homemaker.

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