How to Boost Your Facebook Page in Five Easy Steps

Facebook has become far more than just a way to stay in touch with friends. Facebook is now a powerful way to increase business, increase your brand and bring new customers to your storefront.

For Facebook to benefit you efficiently, however, your Facebook page must be properly done. Your brand is everything and presenting it in the proper light can make huge strides in economic growth.

Here are five quick and easy ways on how to boost your Facebook page:

Take your time choosing pics

It is amazing how many people throw up a random picture for an avatar with no care of what it looks like. If you are using Facebook for anything other than family fun, a simple headshot should do rather nicely. While using a picture of a bunny rabbit singing karaoke might be funny, it is probably not going to put on your best business face. Make sure you choose an image that will reflect what you want your clients to see.

Add in your bio

Not adding a decent bio to your Facebook page is a huge waste. The space is there for you to advertise yourself or your business. Take the time to write something engaging and descriptive so that people at a glance can see what you are all about. Bios are a wonderful resource for you to build your Facebook brand.

Make a nice header

Those beautiful headers that stretch across the top of the page are absolutely perfect for a Facebook branding image. Have someone make you a beautiful header that advertises what you are all about in a clean, but clear message or image. These headers are placed in a position so that every reader that visit your profile will see them. Make the most of that Facebook space.

Do regular updates

If you never update your page, it will quickly become stale and boring. If you do not give people a reason to visit, they simply will go somewhere else. Write yourself out a schedule and make certain that you stick to it. By posting on a regular basis, your potential clients and visitors will always have a reason to come back. Never go for long periods of time without posting something of interest.

Engage your audience

This is the most important Facebook branding advice you will ever get. Communicating with your readers and visitors is absolutely vital to building relationships. Respond when people take the time to comment and you will quickly get a popular reputation for doing so. Businesses that actively engage their audience are always rewarded with higher traffic and more responses.

Posting things like polls, questionnaires and queries are a wonderful way to create engagement. Make certain that you follow through on your end of the communication line.

Increasing your Facebook page and brand is really about taking advantage of what you have available to you. Utilize every square inch of space that Facebook provides an do so on a regular basis. If you do this, you will absolutely see an increase in readership and engagement across your brand.


  1. Thank you for the great article,very helpful.

  2. I am guilty of not taking a lot of time on my Facebook page. I need to focus on it a little more!

  3. Thank you ! 🙂

  4. I’ve tried everything to increase my Facebook visibly and nothing works. I admit that my bio probably needs a little work and I need to work more on engagement. Thanks for the tips!

  5. thanks for the steps

  6. Wonderful suggestions ! The most important one is to engage and reply to the post left you by your readers. There is a particular blog that I really like . I love their style, recipes and flair. Sadly not one time have they ever responded to me on Face book, twitter or their blog. They do not have a high volume site and I do believe this is why. Well that and they have far too many adds on their blog so it freezes everyone up when they visit. Needless to say I stopped hanging around there as their are way too many bloggers out there that will say hello back to me and make me feel as if they appreciate me tweeting and sharing for them.

  7. Engaging my readers has really helped. I share fun quotes, or ask questions and those seem to drive a lot of traffic, compared to other posts at times. Great tips!

  8. You’re so correct, and engaging with your visitors is the #1 way to boost your fan base. 🙂

  9. What a great list! Engaging is such a boost, I need to make sure I put more effort into that.

  10. Thank you for these suggestions. I struggle a lot with creating quality content on social media. It’s really amazing that I still have any followers left on them. I’m not one for short and sweet very often when I want to say something.

  11. Very smart pointers. It’s so much harder for FB pages now that RB has changed our reach.

  12. Great tips and from a trustworthy source. You have a fantastic following so I know these steps work. I need to be more diligent in getting my audience engaged more.

  13. I used to have great engagement, but then I got busy and lazy. I need to take the time to grow that again.

  14. Very helpful tips Donna! Thanks for sharing these :).

    Happy Tuesday!

  15. Good Read 🙂 I need to work on the last tip.

  16. very helpful! you really need to engage with your folowers, and create like a “family”

  17. I think maintaining and updating my site’s Facebook page is something I am really horrible at. I need to work harder at being more active and personally present on social media.

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