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Missing Money? See if you have money to claim

I have several friends who just used the missing money website, and found that they had some money owed to them. The site will help you search any and all states to see if you or a family member has missing, lost, or unclaimed property, money, or assets.

Unfortunately, I didn’t find any unclaimed money for me or anyone in my immediate family.

However, I just discovered that there is a site out there, that claims to search for you, for a fee.  Please do not fall for this.  You do not need to pay for unclaimed property searches!  Any site that claims they will do it for you for a fee, RUN, it is a scam! 

Check out and read the complaints or about  I just want you to be aware of this site since researching for missing money for my family. I don’t want anyone being taken for granted.

Missing Money

Remember, it is free to search for missing money, you should never have to pay to find out if you are owed any money.

If you go to or and find you have missing money, let us know.  We hope to hear from you!

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