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Can a Sharknado Really Happen? 5 Ways to Prepare for a Sharknado #SyFy #Sharknado

Confession… I love made for SyFy movies. They are my guilty pleasure, and I make no apologies for it. Yes, they are usually cheesy, oftentimes poorly done, and laughable special effects. But I love them nonetheless.

Recently SyFy aired Sharknado. You know, a tornado that occurs over/around the ocean that picks up a bunch of sharks and scatters them about to wreak havoc over poor unsuspecting bystanders.

Can a Sharknado really happen? It appears that it could actually happen… (Click on image below)

Infographic by johnmnelson

Who knew?

How does one prepare for a Sharknado?

1. Make and carry a reinforced umbrella. It would be heavy, but if you are in actual fear of a sharknado, better safe than sorry. Not to mention it would come in handy for other heavy fallen debris.

2. Chainsaw. If you have a chainsaw you can just cut the sharks right out of your way. Tee-hee.

3. Carry a harpoon. You can easily harpoon those flying sharks.

4. Move inland. For the love of Joseph, just move away from the oceans. Problem solved. 🙂

5. Chuck Norris. Yep, run around with Chuck Norris, because the sharks will pray for a chainsaw instead of Chuck Norris.

Sharknado Chuck Norris meme

I want to add that I do not think sharks being picked up by tornadic activity and hurled at humans would actually be eating you, though. You might die from the impact, I guess.

Oh, and for my fellow SyFy movie lovers, Tara Reid confirmed that she will be in ‘Sharknado 2’.

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