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Your Body Type Determines What Kind of Shapewear You Need

We all come in different shapes and sizes, so it goes to reason that our shapewear will come in different shapes and sizes, too. Every woman’s body is beautiful, however, most of us still see imperfections when we look into the mirror, no matter our size.

When I was younger I was very skinny and I hated my body. I had no shape, a very boyish figure. Fast forward many years later, I gained a lot of weight and hated my body because I am thick around the middle (more lower stomach) – an “apple” figure. I’ve been losing weight recently, though, and getting more of an hourglass figure.

Even though I’m liking my body more now, knowing my figure shape is important in determining the type of shapewear I need to help my body look its best in my clothes.

This is the reason I love shapewear… it can help to smooth out little (and not so little) imperfections. Give us a more smoother look and help to accentuate our curves.

Check out this infographic that helps determine your body shape and what type of shapewear will work best with your figure:

Presented by Classic Shapewear

 What body shape are you?

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