And the 2009 American Idol winner is…

Spoiler Alert!!! – please don’t read any further if you don’t want to know who won yet.

The show starts with Ryan saying they had just under 100 million votes called in last night.  Then they show clips of each judge and something they said a lot over season eight.  Randy Jackson said, "For me… for you", obviously many, many times, as evidenced by the clip they showed.  Kara, said, "sweetie", "honey" many many times.  Paula was made fun of for her colorful vocabulary.  Simon who lets nothing pass him by said, "what did you say", "what", "pardon" a lot.

Their home towns are waiting for the results.  Conway, Arkansas for Kris Allen and San Diego, California for Adam.  The entire thirteen sing Pink’s I’m A Rock Star.  They did a really good job… and I don’t think they lip synced either. 

David Cook sings his newest song Permanent.  I really like the song.  I’m a David Cook fan from season seven.  After the show tonight the song Permanent will be available on iTunes and all the proceeds will go to ABC2 to help find a cure for cancer.  100 percent of the proceeds will go to Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure (ABC2), a Washington, D.C.-based organization dedicated to finding a cure for brain cancer.  Check out ABC2 to learn more about the organization.  Cook’s brother died May 3, 2009 after a decade battle with brain cancer.

The did a mock award ceremony, The Golden Idol for the worst of the worst.  I really couldn’t tell you anything about this part.  I really wasn’t interested so I popped some popcorn.

Jason Mraz sings his hit I’m Yours… one of my favorite songs and singers, while being accompanied by the Idol contestants.

They show a clip of Kris Allen’s American Idol journey.  Then Kris sings Kiss A Girl with Keith Urban.  He did amazing.  Kris has really grown this season and honestly has turned into a formidable competitor for Adam.

The Idol girls sing The Glamorous by Fergie, who comes out and sings Big Girls Don’t Cry… and then the Black Eyed Peas come out and sings I Got That Boom Boom.  It’s live so when Fergie sings it goes silent for a few seconds.  They rock it.   The dancers are in like a maze suit that covers them from head to toe.

Katrina "Bikini Girl" wins the next Golden Idol and comes out with her new boobs.  She sings and then Kara comes out singing and just blows the bikini right off Katrina (figuratively speaking, of course).  The look on Bikini Girl’s face was priceless.

Allison Iraheta sings Time After Time with Cyndi Lauper.  I’m a fan of Lauper’s from the 80s and this is one of my favorites songs by her.  Allison did a great job.

Danny Gokey sings Hello by Lionel Ritchie.  I loved every song by Ritchie (and the Commodores, for that matter).  Danny and Ritchie sing Just Go and their voices blend very well together.  Then they sing my favorite Ritchie song All Night Long.  It’s hard to type while dancing but this song always makes me move.  "Feel Good! feel good!" 🙂

Now it’s Adam Lambert’s Idol journey.  Adam sings Beth by Kiss.  And yes out comes Kiss.  I actually been to a Kiss concert – my hubby is the big Kiss fan in our family though.  I have to admit, I would rather have seen him sing with someone like Robert Plant.  He did a great job singing Beth, though.

Carlos Santana plays Black Magic Woman while Matt Girauld sings and then they go into Smooth and the entire season 8 thirteen contestants join in.

Show a video of Adam and Kris singing I Will Remember You.  Then David Cook gives them each keys to brand new Ford Hybrids.

Megan Joy, Michael Sarver and Steve Martin… yes, that Steve Martin.  Martin played the banjo while they sang Pretty Flowers, written by Steve Martin, himself.

The guys sing Do You Think I’m Sexy by Rod Stewart.  I wasn’t very impressed.  But out comes Rod Stewart singing Maggie May and I forgot about the guys bad tribute.  It’s hard to believe Stewart is sixty-four.  One of the first records I remember owning is Stewart’s Tonight’s The Night.

The last Golden Idol – and once again I take a break.

Adam and Kris sing We Are The Champions by Queen and are accompanied by Brian May lead guitarist for Queen.  Kris does a good job but Adam is definitely the rocker here.  The stand singing to each other like a stand-off. 

Finally result time.  Simon says he thinks they are both brilliant and incredibly nice guys. 

The winner is Kris Allen.  The underdog… the dark horse is the winner.  Kris does say that he thinks Adam deserved to win.  He humbly accepts and sings once again No boundaries.

I have to say I’m a bit disappointed.  I did think Adam would win.  But I can admit when I’m wrong.  I also don’t want to diminish Kris Allen’s win.  Because he really is a good singer.  And I believe a genuinely nice guy.  So congratulations Kris!



  1. HA! Watch it back… The audience throughout and the judges at the end….. They were like WTF?! It’s all good though… Adam already has numerous offers. The wrong person won, but it’s not the first time. 🙂

  2. @Steven – you know, in some ways it’s better to not win AI. Because the winner doesn’t have as much creative freedom. I’m looking forward to what Adam does next. 🙂

  3. Kris is great but Adam should have won.

  4. Adam should of won! He is much more talented, creative and original! Kris is just another Ruben….lol

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