American Idol Final Two Finale

The 2009 American Idol finale tonight is between the "Glam Rocker" Adam Lambert and the "Acoustic Rocker" Kris Allen.  Each of the guys will sing three songs.  Their personal pick, a song chosen by Simon Fuller the producer and creator of American Idol and an original song written for the next winner of American Idol.

Personal Pick:

Adam Lambert – sang Mad World by Tears For Fear.  He did as beautiful of a performance tonight as the first time he sang the song.  He was dressed in all black and did a haunting take on the song.  And once again… rocked it.  All the judges loved him.  Paula tells him to bask in it, as the audience explodes in applause.  Simon though tells him it seemed a bit theatrical.  He didn’t care for the long black coat he wore.

Kris Allen – sang Ain’t No Sunshine by Bill Withers.  He did an awesome job.  I think he did a better job this time around with this song.  Dare I say it… he did slightly better than Adam.

First round goes to Kris.

Simon Fuller’s Pick:

Their second song is Simon Fuller’s choice.  For Adam that’s  Change Is Gonna Come by Sam Cooke.  Adam did a great job.  It was remarkable… and his range is – just unbelievable.  The judges loved him.  And Simon said, "you are 100% back in the game."

Simon Fuller picked What’s Going On by Marvin Gaye for Kris.  He did a great job… just not as good as Adam did on their second songs.  It was a good song choice for Kris though.  A song with a message sung by someone believable. 

Second round goes to Adam.

Original song:

Their final song is a song written for the Season 8 2009 American Idol winner.  So both Adam and Kris sang the same song – No Boundaries, co-written by Idol judge Kara Dioguardi.

During Adam’s version of No boundaries, I was in awe.  Not because of the song.  It was okay but the way Adam sang the song really moved me.  Randy was the only judge with anything negative to say about Adam’s performance.  Simon says that their hope was to find a worldwide star and he believed they had done that with him.

And for Kris’ version of No Boundaries… he just didn’t pull it off.  In fact, I think it was his worst performance to date.  Randy told him that he should be proud of how he did this season.  Kara said he shouldn’t be judged on this song but on how he did over all in the season.  Simon tells him that his highlight was his first performance.  Simon did compliment him on how far he had come.

Third round goes to Adam. 

Honestly, I’m not sure who will be the next American Idol winner.  Will all the Danny Gokey fans vote for Kris?  If so, Kris just  might be the the 2009 American Idol winner.  I do believe Kris will sound good on the radio.  But I predicted Adam to be the winner from the start and will stand by my prediction.

So tomorrow night at 8:00 EST on Fox watch American Idol with me to see Adam Lambert crowned the 2009 American Idol winner.