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This restful, relaxing, get a good night’s sleep post has been brought to you by Advil PM… I received a relaxation kit for review purposes but all opinions are 100% my own and may differ from yours. I will only endorse companies, products and services that I believe, based on my own experiences, are worthy of endorsement.

I don’t generally have trouble sleeping. I do have trouble winding down though. I have so much going on and usually am up late at nights finishing up work, that by the time I get to bed, it’s already late… then add in the time it takes for me to relax enough to fall asleep, well, it’s way after midnight before I get to sleep.

I get up early, especially during the school year, which starts back here, Monday. I know. Way. Too. Early. So if I need 7-8 hours of sleep for optimal health, I’m falling short, because I average 6 hours.

My husband, on the other hand, suffers from insomnia. It’s something he has dealt with off and on since I’ve known him. Over 22 years now. That’s a long time to live with insomnia.

Advil PM (the non-habit forming trusted pain reliever with the power of Advil) has a new app that helps you get a personalized better night’s sleep.  You’ll find tips to get you through every stage of sleep — like winding down before bed (I so need that) to getting through the day after having a difficult night’s sleep. I know a lot of us could use these tips.

The best part is that the tips are rated by the community (people like you and me) so you can see what tips rate the most useful.

You’ll also find helpful tips like:

  • What types of foods can help you sleep
  • Why you should sing if you snore
  • How to create a sleep oasis
  • The ideal temperature for sleeping
  • How to handle noisy partners

Sometimes I have trouble sleeping because of pain. For example, I hurt my left gluteal muscle and hamstring doing curtsy lunges. Shew, it’s been killing me. Thank goodness for Advil PM Pain Relief, it’s going to be my lifesaver tonight. I hate feeling under the weather, it messes my sleep up more than anything else.

The relaxation kit I received has been wonderful in helping me to unwind at night, though. I especially love the Memory Foam Neck Pillow and Hot/Cold Gel Mask. Ah, sweet relaxation.

My husband is downloading the app, too. Maybe he’ll be able to get a good night’s sleep soon. You can download the SleepHelp App from the iTunes Store or Google Play and the best part, it’s FREE!

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  1. Comfy pjs and a good book!

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