Getting Active with JBL from Best Buy

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Music is a great motivator. Music soothes the soul. It is the universal language… And being able to hear it crisp and clear while I’m working out is a good thing.

It’s a great thing.

Getting Active with JBL from Best Buy

Because I couldn’t workout without music. Could. Not. Do. It. I was thrilled to try out the JBL Reflect Sport Headphones and the JBL Clip Portable Bluetooth Speaker recently and getting active with JBL from Best Buy and Audio Fest in August. A great way to get fit before summer ends.

I tried out the JBL Reflect Sport Headphones first while on the treadmill. I don’t generally like headphones. Mainly because they never fit my ears. JBL Sport headphones are ear-fitting perfect. Okay, I may have just made up that word, but they do fit my ears perfectly.

They are designed to stay secure in your ears, these ergonomic, stay-put ear-buds are engineered to withstand the most energetic workout. I’ve never worn such a snug, yet comfortable, fitting pair of headphones, ever. I want to add that I’ve never, ever, had a pair of headphones that blocked out all external sounds/noises like the JBL Sport headphones do.

I had the most amazing workout with nothing but pure music in my head to motivate me.

About JBL Reflect Sport Headphones

Sport headphones from JBL to drive you closer to your goals. The ultimate workout partner, the Reflect combines cutting-edge style with innovative features. Providing legendary sound in a workout-ready headphones design, it puts you well on your way to achieving your athletic goals. Designed to stay secure in your ears, these ergonomic, stay-put ear-buds are engineered to withstand the rigors of your most energetic workout, delivering on the soundtrack to push you to drive harder.

To keep up with the active theme, my family and I went on a hike this past weekend and tried out the JBL Clip Portable Bluetooth Speaker. My son wanted it clipped to his backpack and off we went.

We kept the music low, as to not disturb the nature around us, but we loved the crisp, clear sound that we got from the JBL Clip speaker. I also like it when I’m lying out in the sun.

About JBL Clip Portable Bluetooth Speakers

With Bluetooth technology, this JBL Clip speaker enables wireless music streaming and phone calls when paired with a compatible device. The built-in carabiner creates a ready-to-wear design, making it easy to take the speaker on the go.

As the name implies, the Clip is meant to be mated to your backpack, bike, pants – pretty much any clip-able locale – with an integrated carabiner, so it can throw down a soundtrack for your travels. And with summer on the way, hopefully you’ll be going a few places where having a bit ofmusic (or, you know, audio books, if that’s your thing) might make a pleasant addition to your journey.

You can find both the JBL Reflect Sport Headphones and the JBL Clip Portable Bluetooth Speaker at Best Buy.

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