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DIY Cleaner, O-Cedar ProMist Microfiber Spray Mop, and Clean Floors, Oh My!

One of my least favorite household chores is mopping. I know many of my family and friends also dread mopping their floors. That’s why I’m thankful for brands like today’s sponsor, O-Cedar, for making the lives of busy moms like me, easier and giving me cleaner floors with great ease.

My downstairs entry from our garage gets a lot of foot traffic. A LOT. It’s a walk-out basement where our 800 sq. ft. family room is, so that’s a lot of square footage to sweep and mop. Because it does see a lot of foot traffic, I need to mop it more often than I would like.

When we remodeled our downstairs we put laminate flooring down and marble tile in the two entries and exits to the room. I wanted something durable, long-lasting, and beautiful, and marble fit all three.

At the time we laid the marble I was 8 months pregnant, now 14 years later, the marble looks just as good today as it did 14 years ago. As I mentioned earlier, I do have to sweep and mop it often, though, because you either come from our garage onto it, or from our backyard/patio onto it. A lot of dirty shoes, feet, and paws, walk on it to be sure.

While I was in the cleaning supplies ailse at Walmart I picked up the O-Cedar ProMist mop and made my way home so I could try it out.

I’m in love with the O-Cedar ProMist Microfiber Spray mop. It is so light and easy to use. It requires no batteries, the refillable bottle could not be easier to remove (with it’s one-touch release), fill with whatever cleaning solution you choose, and snap it back on. It’s a life back saver!

I sometimes use floor cleaners for marble, but I discovered a few years back that a quick and easy DIY marble cleaner was more economical and more efficient at cleaning it. And it’s only 2 ingredients + water…

DIY Marble Floor Cleaner

Tip: Before you mop, be sure to sweep the area you plan on mopping for any dirt or debris.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

  1. Remove the refillable bottle from the mop and add your floor cleaner or DIY cleaner and water and snap it back onto the mop.
  2. Press the lever on the handle to release the cleaning solution and start mopping away.
  3. Remove microfiber pad and toss it in the wash.

You can use the washable microfiber pad or disposable cleaning pads. I don’t mind washing the pad, just make sure you air dry it and never use dryer sheets on them. I think I’ll pick up some disposable pads, though, especially since school is starting back here Friday, just for the time-saving aspect.

It has a double-sided mop head, which means you can clean longer without stopping or flip between wet/dry sides.

I also love how it swivels a complete 360, making it easy to clean around and under things. My husband doesn’t even mind mopping now.  Talk about a win-win for me!

I have cleaner floors with far more ease and the mop costs less than $25 (incl. tax)!

Now I’m off to use my O-Cedar ProMist with a laminate floor cleaner on my laminate floors.

Be sure to stop by your local Walmart and make you life easier with the O-Cedar ProMist Microfiber Spray mop because I really cannot recommend this mop more!

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