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4 Ways to Avoid Being a Victim of “Sliding”

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Sliding is the latest crime craze to hit the country today. Since the robberies take place at gas stations, drivers are on high alert as they gas up their cars at the local pumps. The following are tips on how you can avoid becoming a statistic of this high rate of crime.

1. Always Stay Alert

Crooks who are devious enough to perform this type of crime are taking the cowardly approach by not meeting their victims face to face. Since the crimes take place at a gas station and at all hours of the day or night, you need to practice extreme caution by staying alert to people or other vehicles around you.

The offender hopes to catch people off guard, with little or no security in the area and strike when a driver least expects it. Before you exit your car to fill up the gas tank, you can check the rear and side mirrors for activity and proceed with caution as you exit. If you notice anything suspicious, stay in your vehicle and immediately call your local law enforcement agency.

2. Take Your Belongings

The crime of sliding occurs when an unsuspecting drivers pulls in the gas station to fill up their gas tank or to go in the store. Many times an individual will leave their window open or doors unlocked while they quickly venture inside. The robber stays low to the ground and slides into the vehicle discreetly. Also, the criminal knows that most times, there are no security guards in place. The gas station might have surveillance cameras, but the lack of an instant security threat gives them the upper hand at committing the crime. In a matter of seconds, the offender can have your car keys, purse, wallet and other valuables that you may have left behind.

The crime can occur so fast that the victim may fail to notice anything wrong until they go to reach for their items and notice that they are missing. If you traverse inside the store, you need to take your valuables with you. Even if you’re parked right outside in front, sliding can still occur.

3. Lock Your Car

Crime statistics are on the rise, even in small cities where residents feel safe enough to leave their homes and cars unlocked. No matter if you’re going into the gas station quickly to pay for a tank of gas or purchase a newspaper, offenders of sliding can rob you blind in an instant. To protect your vehicle, and the items left inside, you need to get in the habit of locking your car.

4. Report The Problem

People can do their part in fighting crime today by staying alert and keeping a watchful on the comings and goings around them. If you see anything suspicious, you need to take proper note and call the police. Cellphones and other notebook types of devices make it easy to capture a description of the intruders, and you can snap a quick picture of the offenders before they leave.

Sliding is a serious crime that is currently on the rise in areas across the states. By taking the above precautions, you can keep your valuables safe and prevent offenders from doing this to other unsuspecting victims.

Nadine Swayne offers these safety tips because one can never be too aware of their surroundings. While doing research on sites such as, she found this startling information connecting new crime waves, personal injury, and the holiday season.

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