4 Top Vacation Destinations Deep in the Heart Of Texas

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History and fun come alive in Texas, and you’ll find so many things to see and do that you won’t be able to cover them all in just one trip. From historical settings and shops to restaurants and kid-friendly attractions, Texas is a diverse state with over 262,000 miles to explore. The following are the top four places you won’t want to miss.

1. The Alamo

No trip to Texas is complete without visiting the Alamo. With over 2 million visitors to this historic site each year, courage and sacrifice is at the center of this 4 acre complex. Originally built as a mission, the original dwellings were close to 100 years old at the time of the battle in 1836. With over 150 Texans killed in that battle, memories of some of the most famous legends fill the grounds such as Davie Crockett, William Barrett Travis and Jim Bowie.

The Alamo is more than just a historic setting, with its diverse sense of community and culture. Most visitors tour the area because of its popularity, but you’ll also find most come away with a better understanding of the San Antonia values and way of life.

2. The Riverwalk

Situated near the Alamo, the Riverwalk boasts miles and miles of fun and excitement when navigating around Texas. The area features a bounty of activities that includes shopping, eateries, luxurious accommodations, entertainment, nightlife, boating and theme parks. The walkways sit along the banks of the river and is lined with an assortment of activities.

The Riverwalk was extended several miles because of its popularity and tourist growth. Theaters, Sea World, Museums and Segway Tours make up some of the excitement in the area. You’ll also find it home to malls and specialty shops. With a bevy of upcoming events and festivals, tourists will never want for things to do when traversing along the Riverwalk.

3. Houston Space Center

Strap on your moon boots, book your stay at one of the beautiful Houston Texas hotels located nearby and head to Houston Space Center for a lesson on the history of space exploration and NASA. The tram takes you on a guided tour of the Johnson Space Center Houston facility. Here you’ll find artifacts and equipment that include space capsules, moon rocks and space suits. If you’ve always wondered about space life and how the astronauts bathe without gravity, your questions will be answered here. The Houston Space Center control and training facilities even allows visitors to experience a weightless environment and space simulation.

4. Texas State Aquarium

The Texas state Aquarium is the premier marine life habitat in all of Texas. Visitors to the area can explore the underwater world with over 300 species of animals represented. With the touch and feel exhibits, dolphin shows, sting rays, fish feeding and splash park, you’re sure to spend the entire day touring this exciting attraction.

After a long day of exploring the monuments, beaches and history of Texas, you’ll be looking for a place to lay your weary head. Whether you’re into luxurious accommodations at a well-known hotel or inn or you’re looking for something unique such as a quaint bed-and-breakfast or camping retreat, you’ll find that Texas has something for everyone.

Nadine Swayne presents this article to fellow travelers longing to visit the Lone Star state. Whether you stay in one of the many Houston Texas hotels or an outdoor camping retreat, your trip will be memorable and great fun for the whole family!


  1. We’ve been exploring the North Texas area since we moved here this summer 🙂 We’re off to the Dallas Arboretum tomorrow to see their holiday display. We’re planning on visiting San Antonio next year some time, I can’t wait!

  2. I haven’t been to Texas FOREVER. I’d sure love to visit again, though!

  3. I grew up in Austin, so this makes me miss Texas. I need to get back soon!

  4. I love Texas! I’ve lived here all my life, and I will never leave! Houston is a great place to live. 🙂

  5. I have always wanted to visit the Alamo, I wish we had gone ahead and done it when we were in Texas this summer, but I guess we need to make another trip soon!

  6. Ever since I watched PeeWee’s Big Adventure as a kid, I’ve always wanted to go to the Alamo!

  7. It has been many years since we visited San Antonio and Houston…may be time to take another trip.

  8. I’ve not been to Texas, would love to visit someday.

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