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20 Random Facts About Me

The other day I did a post about the 30 things I want my son to know about me that first saw here. Today is day one of those 30 things.

Dear Cody,

The first thing on the list is “List 20 Random Facts About Yourself”. So in no particular order here are 20 random facts about me (your Mom):

1.  I wear watches even if the batteries are dead. They’re pieces of jewelry and I have my iPhone 5 to check the time.

2.  I hate talking on the phone. HATE it. Which is funny, because I used to love to talk on the phone and would spend hours a day on the phone. However, over the last 5 years, I detest talking on the phone. I would prefer to text, email, or my optimum choice, talk to you face to face. With the exception of 4-5 people (my husband and son among them).

3.  I have trouble saying, “No”.

4.  My feelings are easily hurt. Way too easily hurt.

5.  I drink coffee all. day.

6.  I am a shy extrovert. Really, I am.

7.  I am not organized at all. I’m the most unorganized, organized person I know.

8.  I have a phobia of doctors, so I rarely ever go… even though I know I should.

9.  I worry all the time that I’m a horrible mom.

10. I love food. I love to eat. I love everything about good food.

11. I make a decent income from my blog. And it still astounds me that I make a decent income from my blog. I love writing and it’s sometimes a lot of work, but worth it.

12. I love dancing. I dance around the house a lot. When I was a young girl, I dreamed of being a famous dancer.

13. I love to laugh. All my really good, close friends have wonderful senses of humor. My husband and son are so funny and crack me up all the time. I love being around people who make me laugh. And it may be only in my own head… but I think I’m freaking hilarious. 🙂

14. I’m a planner. I am not very spur of the moment or spontaneous person. I want to be, but I’m just not. My husband is the opposite. He doesn’t like to plan, and is very spontaneous.

15. I am so not a morning person. Yet, all throughout my childhood, teen years, and early twenties, I was a morning person. Now, I am much more productive later in the day.

16. I think the iPhone (and tablets, really) is the best invention, ever. I love gadgets and technology. I taught myself HTML and surprise myself at the things I’ve learned since starting my blog.

17. I love horror/thriller/mystery/sci-fi movies, shows, and books. I love being creeped out and scared. I will (and have many, many times) watch a good horror flick at or after midnight all by myself.

18. I love my family and friends. I love spending time with them. But…. I love being alone, too. I enjoy quiet time. I actually enjoy my own company.

19. I loved school. I truly enjoyed learning and to this very day, still do.

20. I love writing.

Come back next Sunday to see my answers to number two on the list – Describe 3 legitimate fears you have and explain how they became fears.


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