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12 Fresh and Light Spring Salads

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I am a huge salad lover. Whether it’s a side salad or as an entree, nothing beats a good salad. And I especially love salads in the spring and summer when you can find fresh vegetables. Not to mention they’re usually healthy and can be a good side with dinner, so you get filled up on healthy vegetables and/or fruits, or a great easy lunch option.

Just like my toasted corn macaroni salad, the salads in the widget above are all great for picnics, cookouts, barbeques, or any time you want a delicious salad.

I love salads so much that I’ll add poached eggs, like the Spring Salad with Poached Eggs in the widget above, so I can have a breakfast salad! If you’ve never tried a salad that way, I highly recommend it!

I hope you enjoy the 12 light and spring salads I’ve shared above.

What’s your favorite spring salad from above?

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