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Yet to See “Frozen”? Here’s Five Reasons Why You Should

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If you’re the sole person on the planet who has yet to see the cinematic masterpiece that is “Frozen,” take whatever it is that’s holding you back and “let it go.” (You know we had to go there.) Since you’re going to be bombarded at every turn with music from the movie and merchandise emblazoned with images of Elsa and Anna anyway (did you know, they even sell Frozen character ribbon?), you may as well find out who’s who – and who knows? You may even end up understanding what the fuss is all about. Here are the top five reasons you need to see Frozen.

It Offers a Refreshing Message

Let’s be honest – not all popular animated movies have feminist viewpoints. Some, in fact, go so far as to feature “heroines” that will do just about anything and abandon just about everyone in order to attract the attention of the one they love. This isn’t that kind of story, and while it does have a love story component to some degree, it isn’t the primary focus of the film.

The Music is Legitimately Catchy

While “Let it Go” may be the movie’s signature song, there are actually a number of catchy tunes from the likes of Broadway phenomenon Idinia Menzel and comic actress Kristen Bell (who can really sing, by the way…who knew?)

It’s a Kid Movie That Adults Genuinely Enjoy

There’s a reason Frozen is one of the most successful motion pictures of all time, animated or otherwise, and it’s not exclusively due to kids in the audience. Let’s face it, not every movie the kids want to see is an Oscar winner. Some are even downright painful. Let Frozen numb the pain.

The Jerky Guy Gets His Comeuppance

Not too much more can be said about this without revealing major plot points, but it’s nice to see the nice guy finish first, for once. Frozen features a number of interesting male characters in addition to its female leads, and it’s not always obvious which one is Prince Charming.

You’ll Finally Get What Everyone Else is Talking (and Singing About)

Why does everyone want to know if you want to build a snowman? When does Elsa don the glittery princess getup? Answer these burning questions and more with your next movie viewing.

You Know You Want To – Just Do It

Have you been convinced? Are you on your way to borrow a copy from the four-year-old next door? Grab some hot chocolate, settle down on the couch and go ahead, turn it on. It’s like a “warm hug” for you entire body. And if you didn’t get that reference, you will after you watch the movie.

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