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Workout Clothes You Won’t Hate Wearing

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Neon Leggings

Getting your daily exercise does not always have to be a chore. You are much more likely to find the motivation to workout when you feel cute going to the gym. Ditch those ratty t-shirts and baggy shorts and add some of these trendy items to your sweat-session wardrobe.


One of the hottest trends in fashion right now is neon, and that trend can be carried over into active wear. The best way to sport neon is to pair one bright item with a darker solid, such as charcoal or black.

V-Neck Tops

When you have somewhere you need to be right after working out, you want to avoid looking like you’ve just worked out. A V-neck top is a great way to look casual whether you are in a fitness class or shopping at the grocery store.

Floral Prints

Workout clothing does not have to be boring. Try adding in some floral prints for some variety. A cute floral tank or leggings can add a touch of femininity to any outfit.

Baseball Hats

No one wants to have crazy hair, whether or not you are headed to exercise. A cute baseball hat can cover up a bad hair day, and it can keep stray hairs from getting in your face while you are trying to focus on working hard.

Fold-over Leggings

Comfort is key when it comes to working out, so make sure to find some comfortable leggings to add to your wardrobe. Those with a fold-over waistband can flatter your figure and keep your pants from falling down or riding up, like these from Fabletics.

Graphic Tees

Graphic t-shirts can be a fun way to express your personal style. Tanks or traditional short-sleeved tees are fun options to wear to the gym. Worldwide Sport Supply has some cute volleyball themed tees.

Basketball Shorts

When you want something comfortable to wear when you aren’t working on your fitness, a cute pair of basketball shorts can do the trick.

Crop Tops

When you work hard for your abs, you want to show them off. Try a crop top and let everyone see what you have hiding underneath your shirt.

Comfortable Sweatshirts

Getting to and from the gym in style is just as important as what you wear while you are there. Cozy sweatshirts can keep you warm before you start your session, and they can give you something to lounge around in afterwards.

Colorful Sneakers

A good pair of shoes is essential to working out safely, so why not find a pair that is fun and colorful?

Hit the gym in your new outfit and enjoy the feeling you get when you know that you look good.

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