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Why I wouldn’t want my baby on ‘Cute Things Falling Asleep’?

I heard about ‘Cute Things Falling Asleep’ this morning on the Today Show.  Its owner, Nick Malis, features videos of cute babies and animals doing nothing but falling asleep.  In premise it IS a ‘cute’ idea.  Who doesn’t love babies and/or animals?

My problem with this website is that viewers rank the sleeping cuteness.  From,

Rated for cuteness on a scale of 1-5. (5 being the cutest)
Rated for sleepiness on a scale of 1-5. (5 being the sleepiest)

Once again this doesn’t seem, on the surface, to be a bad thing; but while looking through the site… I noticed that not one baby had a rating more than 3 on cuteness.  I personally don’t see how a baby could rate anything less than a 5 on a cuteness scale.  I definitely wouldn’t want people rating my baby 2.5 or a 3.

I’m sure the parents and loved ones of these babies wouldn’t be too happy about it either.

All the babies and animals on CuteThingsFallingAsleep are adorable and it is fun to watch cute things falling asleep… I just don’t see the need in rating them.

I do think that it is a fun site to watch cute things falling asleep and maybe I’m too… sensitive.  I would love to know what you think.  Do you think I’m being ridiculous or do you agree with me?  Hope to hear from you.

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