White Cloud Luxuriously Soft Bath Tissue – Because We Deserve it #sponsored

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of White Cloud for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I’m picky about the bath tissue I use. It’s one product I want to be of high quality, but I don’t want to pay a premium price for it. This is what I love about White Clouds new Luxuriously Soft Bath Tissue — thick, absorbent, soft… all that at a reasonable price.

White Cloud Luxuriously Soft Bath Tissue is made using this innovative manufacturing technology called “TAD.” TAD, or “Through Air Dried,” is super-premium technology in the bath tissue world. It uses a special machine to blow air through single-ply sheets, creating a two-ply product with amazing thickness, softness, strength and absorption.

Bath tissue gone high-tech. Nice.

My son even noticed the softness of the new White Cloud. I have to say, he is a very observant 10-year-old.

I recently had the opportunity to try the new White Cloud Luxuriously Soft Bath Tissue. Please watch my video to see my thoughts:

You can only find White Cloud Luxuriously Soft Bath Tissue at Walmart. Find White Cloud products near you.

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  1. I like this brand thank you for the post

  2. I love this brand its been the best so far i have ever used.

  3. nice product.. i use it..

  4. Aww I was looking forward to trying this – but Wal-Mart is so far away. I wonder if I can order online?

  5. Soft is important! I don’t think I’ve seen this brand at my local market – I’ll have to ask.

  6. After trying a couple of the top competitor brands, I switched to White Cloud. For me it really is a nicer toilet paper. I hate those little fuzzy things that other “soft” papers tend to leave everywhere.

  7. I;ve always really like White Cloud. It’s a soft paper but doesn’t shred easily.

  8. please don’t squeeze the…..white cloud?
    Mr Whipple where are you?

  9. Just goes to show you don’t have to spend a ridiculous amount on TP to get something soft to wipe with!

  10. Very nice product!
    It seems interesting and lovely!

  11. I love their tissue boxes I have not tried their toilet paper.

  12. I like my toilet tissue soft, absorbent and reasonably price. Looks like White Cloud is the perfect choice!

  13. i’m very picky about our toilet paper. I don’t think I’ve ever tried White Cloud before.

  14. I have never tried this brand but would love to give it a shot, especially with that handy coupon.

    1. Author

      Kelly, yes, and I hate the way I sound on video… One of the reasons I don’t like to vlog. 🙂

  15. I buy this kind sometimes. It’s nice!

  16. I am really picky about my toilet paper! Thanks for sharing the $1.00 off coupon. I want to try this out!

  17. I’ve never tried this brand but have noticed it’s much cheaper than my current brand. I’ll have to see if the hubby will oblige next time we are at the store 🙂

  18. I have never tried this brand before. I’ll pick it up next shopping trip.

  19. I was surprised at how good their toilet paper was, I am always afraid to try other brands and it be not soft but WC was fine.

  20. My family and I buy White Cloud Tissue and we love the softness of it. We don’t often buy other brands.

  21. I have never heard of this brand before. We use charman ultra strong and we like it. I grew up with Scott’s (or woodchips as we called it in our house lol) and once I moved out I just had to try something new! I think that their ultra soft is too soft and leaves pieces behind. The only problem with 2 ply paper is with 1.5 gallon flushing toilets….they clog them up easily.

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